Tangled up in Blue

I ran into this lady at Beacon’s Closet in Williamsburg. What struck me about her was her cool accessories and the way she worked them into her outfit. Her fresh blue-tinted shades, turquoise earrings, and baby-blue head wrap, mixed together, make for an eclectic look that mixes rad 90s style with hippie chic. Her butterfly fanny pack and flowered shirt also conjure up images of 90’s trends seen on television including My So-Called Life (see picture of irreverently stylish character Rayanne below) and Clarissa Explains it All.

A Futuristic Look at Advanced Style

I’ve known this classy broad for several years now and her style still never ceases to amaze. Her willingness to confidently mix colors, metallics and textures without trying too hard is truly inspiring. Here, she coordinates a turquoise ruffled top with blue metallic printed shorts, a hand beaded seahorse necklace and ribboned silk ballet flats. The coup de gras is a transparent floppy top hat. The result is something that resembles a bohemian wedding in the future. I love it – she is truly beyond her time.