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Shopper’s Delight

I snapped this photo in the Goodwill thrift store on the Upper East Side. I stopped this beautiful lady because of her elegant, pulled-back hair and stylish and fun outfit. If you look closer you can see little mythic creatures dancing around on her skirt. I also love the big dramatic collar on her blouse. We spoke for a while about her experience in New York teaching children. She had so much grace and charm and seemed to know everyone in the store. I hope to run into her again.

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Pretty in Pink

This stylish woman was very interested in knowing what my blog was all about. I let her know that I was documenting mature, stylish street wear and that her look had caught my eye. The splash of shocking pink has a great effect over this simple dress. I also think that the tip of her hat and her over sized sunglasses add glamour to her overall appearance.

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