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Black and White

[Maryann in Chanel and  Givenchy]
Maryann always looks meticulously coordinated in her wonderful outfits and great accessories. Watch the video below for some more style inspiration.

Advanced Style presents: Maryann from teenage peanut video productions on Vimeo.

Forever Glamorous

I first met Jacquie Tajah Murdock, walking uptown looking super glamorous in a blue Chanel jacket. She was just about to turn 80 years old and looked absolutely amazing. I went to visit her yesterday, a few weeks before she turns 81 years old. She wanted to show me her new dress and catch up.My good friend Mimi Weddell always said, “You must dance your way through life.” Jacquie is a perfect example of someone who dances their way through life.She told me that she still has so much to look forward to, so much learning, travel and adventure ahead.

Eye-Catching On The Upper East Side

This  woman was  leaving a cafe on the Upper East Side when I asked if I could take her photo. I told her that I loved her style and she told me that she dresses like this all the time. I love the way she coordinates her hat,scarf,and accessories. Her outfit is the perfect example of Advanced Style, it’s elegant unique and fun. What is your favorite part about this outfit? 

Check out her amazing lace wrist bands and bangles.

After Chanel

[Photos and Text Ari Seth Cohen]

I met this amazing 79 year old woman on my way home from a photo shoot uptown. I noticed her patent leather hat and raincoat from afar and when I saw how unbelievably gorgeous she was I knew I had to ask for her photo. She told me that she wasn’t very photogenic, but I assured her that she looked great. When she took off her coat she revealed a gorgeous Prada blouse and beautiful Chanel pearls. I asked her what her career was and she told me that she used to be a therapist but she only had three clients and she cured them right away. After that she became a stylist for a number of years as you can see from her classic and flawless taste. We lamented that people don’t dress up anymore and she told me that next time we meet she’ll have some tips for the younger generations!