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Iris Apfel: “Price Has Nothing To Do With Style”

I finally had the chance to meet the extraordinary Iris Apfel. Her approach to style is legendary in her incorporation of high and low,ethnic and vintage with contemporary trends, and idiosyncratic brand of humor.She is a true style icon who continues to inspire others to express themselves and enjoy life to the fullest. Iris told me that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be stylish, it is all in how you put things together. She is proof that putting an outfit together can be just as artful as painting a portrait. I hope you enjoy these two small clips and hopefully we will see more of Iris on Advanced Style.

Style Inspiration: Iris Apfel

[photo from Telegraph UK]
[photo from Christian Grattan]
[photo from NyTimes]

Rachel Zoe has nothing on style icon, Iris Apfel, and her over sized glasses and chunky accessories. Iris started off as an Interior designer and later started a textiles company with her husband Carl. Iris’ fashion is a mix of classic and bohemian elements that make her truly unique. Click Here for an in depth article about Iris’ career and style.