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Style Is Healing

One of the great things about getting older, is gaining the confidence and  freedom to dress how you want. Debra Rapoport is a great example of a woman who isn’t afraid to express herself. She doesn’t dress for other people, and she believes that style can be healing. If you wear beautiful things and live a creative life you will feel better and be more joyful. What a great recipe for the rest or our lives. Email Debra with any style related questions to .

Dress To Impress Yourself

One of best lessons I have learned from the ladies I photograph is to dress for myself, rather than trying to impress others. There is a freedom that accompanies not having to worry about impressing other people. Here’s a style tip from a young man with an old soul, Dress to Impress Yourself! I hope you enjoy Marilyn Sokol’s inspired words. She is a wonderful lady with a great spirit.