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  • shepherd clothing

    Hi Ari,

    love your sentiment and love your sense of style. Good on you – hero!!

  • Mary Wyly

    Thank you and all your people, Ari. Come visit Oaxaca, Mexico and see advanced style ladies and men across cultures. Today, surrounded by ladies in gorgeous rebozos because the opera house is COLD, we saw Joyce Carpati on the screen of the Met HD transmission of Maria Stuarda! Beautiful day!

  • Bless you, Ari-finally fashion inspiration that isn't steeped in convention for women over 50. Move over Betsy Johnson and Vivian Westwood -Advance is here! Magge McCann, age 64

  • Hi Ari,
    I think your blog is fantastic!! I just wanted to let you know that I was writing an article myself on age and style on my blog and came across yours through a friend. I have mentioned you, your blog and documentary in my blog as I thought it was so inspiring! Feel free to check it out when you have time, it is:

    and keep it coming loving the style and fashion!!
    Many thanks Pia

  • I am so glad I found you and I will get your book. I'm doing a plus size blog for women over 50 called stylingwithsusieblog.com. It's so nice to find others who believe you can be stylish at any age.

  • Hi Ari,

    Believe it or not, my name is Ari also. I just launched a new line of scarves and featured my beautiful 84 year old mother (former model). She was our January model. Check her out at http://www.izzistyle.com.

    Good for you and your blog!

    Ari Weindling

  • wonderful blog, beautiful photos!

  • M-T

    Wednesday (Feb. 6th) was my 61st B-day. I'm so delighted to have found your Blog.

    I have been pondering retirement and, perhaps, retiring my Blog. Do I still have something of interest to say?

    Yes, yes and yes. Thank you, Ari.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Ari. I love your blog. It is incredibly freeing to finally see inspiring, interesting, intelligent women wearing beautiful fashion. Although I am only 23 years old myself, I find much more inspiration in these ladies than any of the style icons I find whenever looking for inspiration elsewhere. Ilona might be my favorite, but all of these women are such inspirations. All of you make me look forward to next many, many years.

    Thank you!

  • Dear Ari

    I am an editor of PACKAGING POLSKA magazine and I simply fell in love with the picture of Linda Rodin in Karin Walker's sun glasses, bleached jeans jacket and the turquoise setting. Would it be possible to publish it in our magazine? Let me know at redakcja.pack@printernet.pl

    Applause from Poznań, Poland
    Paulina Malińska

  • Maureen

    This is a fantastic blog and gives me something to aim for. I'm not quite there yet, being only 53 (but I have a head of silver hair), but these ladies are so stylish and put younger women to shame. Good on you Ari for making older ladies so important. Just wish more of the western world felt the same

  • At 64 I'm so looking forward. Think your ladies and gentlemen inspire and confirm all of us I feel the next 30yrs will be our time

  • At 64 I'm so looking forward. Think your ladies and gentlemen inspire and confirm all of us I feel the next 30yrs will be our time

  • Anonymous

    I saw your interview on the Australian morning shows. What a fantastic project (and what amazing women). Nicely done.

    Sandra in Sydney

  • I saw the programme on Australian television about your blog. I was amazed. You did exactly what I did, although your product is more beautiful than mine. When I moved to Sabah, on Borneo island, I saw many good musicians – and there was nothing about them on the internet. So I wrote a blog about them. When I said I was moving to Australia 3 years later, people asked me to make a book from the blog, and it was launched with a real feel-good buzz about it, just before I left. I love what you said, "I didn't know if anyone would be interested. I just did it." Well done

  • I have just stumbled into heaven! This blog is clever, wise, stylish.Wwhat's not to love? xx

  • Phylte

    I've seen bits and pieces of your blog from time to time and now I'm hooked. Having just celebrated my 65th birthday I am only just realizing how ignored my baby boomer generation is in fashion publications, sometimes in style but generally in models. It's a pleasure to see my fashionista sisters in style expressing themselves in such a remarkable way. Though my childhood and formative adult years were spent in NYC, I am now trapped in mid- Atlantic suburbia and can honestly say that there is a fundamental lack of creativity that one sees in numbers in only a few cities. I blame mid-America style merchandising for all that because true fashion can be assembled at any price point. Thank you so very much for sharing the fabulous and chic looks of the slightly older women of NYC.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this isn't a April fools joke….
    I was listening to WNPR public radio when your blog was mentioned. With great interest I checked out your blog, finally someone who realizes we are here with lot to say and express with our own style not our grandmother's.
    Kudos to you, you made my day!

  • Fabulous! Thank you for your work of showing that aging isn't a disease and that beauty is timeless. I teach yoga to seniors and have a yoga/wellness blog (blog.wellnessencounters.com) and Pinterest page about aging well (http://pinterest.com/wejulie/beautiful-aging/), and have posted some of your blog pages, with credits and links back to you. Keep up your work—your nanas must be very proud of you!

  • Greenma

    When I found you and your wonderful fashion folk I had been railing that there is no representation of the older women of style in media.
    I ordered the book and know that at least in New York style is happening, in San Francisco also, in pockets.
    I want to recognize the wonderful people of style everywhere the way we tried to do in the 70's when dressing interestingly was considered fun. It is FUN!!
    Oakland, CA

  • Simply wonderful to see women wearing maturity with flair! But getting down to swimsuit level is the hardest. So if getting back into the water is your dream, please give Truesuit.com a shot. We custome cut a classic tank made in fabulous shape flattering patterns, and we guarantee your happiness (with the suit) or you don't have to pay.
    We'd love to donate 5 suits to your next fashion show! Seriously…this could just be the suit of your dreams!

  • Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari
    Just heard you and a couple of your ladies on Woman's Hour on radio 4 here in the UK. Great to hear the voices of two of your muses. They sounded feisty and sparky. Keep up the good work

    Maureen in Cheshire UK

  • Hello Ari,

    My name is Pedro Silva and I am an honors journalism student at ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I am currently completing my thesis on the emergence of fashion blogging and how it is a unique form of communicating about fashion. I was hoping then if I could please interview you for my thesis. It would certainly mean a lot!

    I honestly don't know if this will work, but it's worth a shot. Feel free to e-mail me at psilv1@asu.edu. Again, I would beyond appreciate your help!

    Thank you,

    Pedro Silva

  • Anonymous

    Heard about you on BBC Woman's Hour yesterday, wow, what an inspiration to all of us women young and old. As a relatively new Mum you lose your sense of identity temporarily, you've inspired me to most definitely not to!!! Great work.

  • You have opened my eyes. I am in love with what you are doing. And you…

  • Ari, I love you and the blog, you are teaching us all to open our eyes and our hearts just a bit wider!

  • Hi Ari,
    I through fashion.net find your blog, i'm very like your style, i have chinese style blog is my signnature.

  • Ari I was out shopping yesterday and a women passed me who was the embodiment of Advanced Style and I thought "OMG I wish Ari was here!". I didn't have my cell phone with me otherwise I would have taken her picture for you. So I have to thank you for making me notice these fabulous women when I see them now.

  • Ari…thank you, thank you, thank you for this WONDERFUL project whose time has come! I so enjoyed being approached & photographed by you April 7th on Madison Ave. in NYC… "ADVANCED STYLE' is indeed ADVANCED!

    xoxo, Richelle "Happy Coincidence" April 8, 2013

  • Hi Arie! I think you are incredibly stylish and really fun. Having read your blog makes me smile always and I kinda look up to you now, I know exactly how age is just the number and its the the style of life which we live counts.
    lots of love and regards,
    Pink chiffon!

  • Hi Ari! you are incredible! I love your blogspot and and have made me really realize that age is just the number its the sytle of living which matters! 😀

  • Hi Arie! You are incredible! you made us realize that age is just a numbers and its the style of living which matters. i know exactly how i want to grow old 😉 😀 xoxo

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari
    You're getting everywhere. You're on the BBC website today. Keep up the good work
    Maureen in the UK

  • Great blog and inspiring content! Thanks! You should consider attending the Chelsea Flower Show in London, especially on the Members' Days (this year on May 21-23, 2013). You would have an absolute field day – the British ladies (majority 50+) and gents make a special effort to impress. Greetings from Berlin!

  • saskia

    Im so happy to have found your blog!
    You bring great inspiration, and especially the lovely ladies. I wish, or I want, to be like them when I'm older.

    Greetings from Vienna, Austria

    ps. There's some wonderful ladies in Vienna too 😉

  • Hi Ari! I'm obsessed with your blog and your instagram! If you were looking for a summer intern, I would love the opportunity to send you my cover letter and resume!

  • Deborah

    Another wrote..'I am now trapped in mid- Atlantic suburbia and can honestly say that there is a fundamental lack of creativity that one sees in numbers in only a few cities'..lol I am stuck in FL, from MA and ..well..trying to make do. LOVE this blog Ari, Im not a gorgeous aging NYorker, but the creativity is in me, always has been. Trying with external makings, but feel the need to make the statement of ME even if I do stick out, and Im in conservative, somewhat backwards FL..thnx and keep up the good work..be seeing you here..may answer the questions here as well..making me think, I def feel invisible, espec to men here..another story ;>) thnx Deborah, 61 in 3 wks!

  • Fantastic blog!

  • Such a unique blog. Your approach to fashion is both innovative and flattering. I'm enticed with the promise of a beautiful story being conveyed through the older generation.

  • Great website. Do you accept blog posts from stylish seniors?

  • DEW


    Your blog made me remember… When I was in my twenties, working as a nursing assistant in a retirement home, I had to bathe and dress residents before breakfast. I remember being surprised at the lack of decent looking clothes most people had, and the utter lack of accessories or makeup.

    One morning I had just finished dressing a woman, (her son was a doctor) who had almost no decent clothing. She was like a limp rag, expressionless and unresponsive. I opened a drawer to find her comb, and noticed an old tube of bright red lipstick in the back. I asked her if she wanted to wear some. Without saying a word, her head shot up, chin went up, and she pursed her lips. I was amazed! After her lipstick was applied, her shoulders were held high, and she was alert. Her eyes held a fire that was not there ten minutes before.

    The moral of the story is that I learned from this how important it is to our sense of well-being to care for our appearance, and that we are never to old to do so.

    Thank you for your work… I actually brings a sense of hope to me as I age to see that stylish, beautiful older women are being given the attention they deserve.


  • Solveig

    Dear Ari,

    This morning I was looking at your blog and well each time I do I cannot stop thinking that I love it. I am 25 and I think all of these women are inspiring, it reminds me of my grandmother who loved to make herself pretty and compliments were always welcome too.
    this afternoon when I came home (I live in Paris) there was a free journal in my post box "Culte(s)", I flipped through it and there it was one of your models that I have seen only a few hours earlier on your blog. Linda Rodin is the model for the article about women with glasses…

    All the best from Paris, Solveig

  • Anonymous

    Such a joy to see these beautiful, confident women! You are in sync with famous photographer Annie Leibovitz, who said, "I didn't want to let women down. One of the stereotypes I see breaking is the idea of aging and older women not being beautiful."

    thank you.

  • ame tu blogs soy una mujer de 56 años, y solo quiero que amis años de vejes vestirme con la misma elegancia que hasta ahora con ese toque juvenil… un beso desde chile… florenciavictoria en facebokk

  • I remember I used to visit a fabulous older lady as part of a job I used to have. She always had perfectly coordinated stylish outfits and carried herself with grace and elegance. I hope I manage to be half as glam as some of these ladies when I'm older.


  • Just found your blog…love it and THANKS!

  • Hello, Ari, I write for GQ Brazil and would love to contact. Could you please email me on pportugal@globocondenast.com.br? I appreciate your attention. Best regards, Priscilla

  • Dear Ari. I love love love your blog and you too!!! However I wanted to tell you how frustrating I find it that when I click on a link to a website that you have posted, it shuts your blog down and opens the other one instead! Please can you do something about that? Kindest regards, Jacqueline

  • Hello,

    I'm a photo editor at the Huffington Post and am looking for permission to use your image of Richelle Jones (link below). We would of course credit you and link back to your site. Please let me know as soon as possible.

    Thanks so much!

    It's the last picture in this post: http://advancedstyle.blogspot.com/2013/07/advanced-style-on-huffpost-live-today.html

  • Ari,
    I just found your blog and fell in love. It reminds me of my great aunt Ruby.

    She taught me that youth, and for that matter innocence are highly overrated. Being an adult comes with a bounty of pleasures not afforded the young and inexperienced.

    It was rediscovering her trousseau that inspired me to start a lingerie company targeting mature, intelligent women of style. I invite you to take a peek: http://www.layneau.com.

    So here is to celebrating mature worldly pleasures like martinis and women of a certain age.

    Keep up the grand work!

  • love this! how do I get in your book? I will be 53 next week and have never felt better sexier… http://www.gailkonopbaker.com

  • Amazing Ari! Love it. You should come to Palm Springs, CA for the film festival or short fest. Many more cool cats to feature and appreciate. ;}


  • i Ari, I have just discovered your blog, and it gave me many-many smiles. Thank you. Great idea. Will be visiting it more often 😉

  • Anonymous

    It is really amazing !!! Reminding me of Iris Apfel, she is a wonderful person…

  • Ari–I love your concept.

  • I am glad I found this amazing and wonderful blog!

  • SunGold

    Where's the documentary? I'd love to watch it, and I'm sure all your fans would, too.

    I love your blog. Do all NY women dress like models?

    Oops. Two questions. Never supposed to do that. Consider the second a rhetorical question and let me know when and where I can watch your doc.

  • Anonymous

    DEW, thank you for telling your story.

  • I just love this! These women and men are so inspiring to me. They just seem to love their lives so much, and dress accordingly. I can't wait to watch the documentary.

    If you don't mind, I'll most likely post the beautiful trailers on my blog to share with my readers. Thank you!

  • o my god you bring me so much joy! what a wonderful blog! you have opened up my eyes!

  • Totally in love with your blog! Thank you for sharing these amazing souls with us!

  • Thanks so much for your inspired. My mother tend to be lost confident when she get 50 years old . It help a lot.

  • Lola

    You should start a Tumblr and post your pictures there. I'd love to reblog them and share them!

  • My best friend gave me your book for my 60th birthday. I can't tell you how great an impact it has had! I've started dragging all my vintage finds (which I formerly considered "too weird," "too dressy," "too flashy," "too young," etc.) out of the closet — finally I understand the meaning of that phrase!

    And it's not just about clothes. It's about allowing one's entire personality to emerge from the closet, a real benefit and privilege of age. Thanks to your lovely ladies, and to you, Ari.

  • Wonderful blog, beautiful and positive ladies – You inspire us! Greetings from Zageb, Croatia.

  • Thanks Ari for bringing attention to some of the most beautiful women in the world, with style! I love love your blog and and your inspiration for photographing and writing about some incredible, artsy, creative and innovative women. Keep it coming!

  • Dear Ari,
    Loving your blog!
    Let me introduce myself, Andrea Peter Fly, freelance photographer based in Paris, interested in working on creative projects, fashion oriented. I would be honoured if you'd consider having a look at my work, for an eventual future collaboration,

    Hope to hear from you, even for just a feedback,

    Many thanks,


  • Anonymous

    I just discovered your blog and I think the concept is absolutely beautiful. I'm officially a fan. Keep up the good work!


  • Anonymous

    OMG! Pearl is doing well I hope. I just found her video of Pearl Harbor And The Explosions doing "Driving" live. She sure can dance!

  • Just found your blog and see the beautiful Mimi Weddell. I own a pilates/exercise student and Mimi was a client for much of her life including the late years. Great spirit. Gravity took it's toll on her posture, but when the camera was ready she would defy it…she told me her saying was "hook your sternum to a star" – Tom

  • Awesome concept for a blog! There are many stylish women in New York but we could all take notes from our elder counterparts. They're chic, elegant and fabulous!

    Great blog! Good luck!

    If ever you get the chance, check out my blog. All critics and their critiques welcome! =)


  • I am addicted to Advanced Style! I've been following the blog for about a year.

    I'm 42 years old and love these fabulous ladies. I hope to one day be as stylish as these amazing women.

  • I love your blog and shared it on Facebook. I make really unusual statement jewellery , thank you fir sharing wonderful posts,

  • Hi Ari! My name is Cat and I'm helping to promote your documentary for the Montclair (NJ) Film Festival that kicks off at the end of this month. I'm loving all your images and their fantastic stories. So happy to have found your work and hope to meet you at the festival! Cheers! Cat

  • Hi Ari! My name is Cat and I'm helping to promote your documentary for the Montclair (NJ) Film Festival that kicks off at the end of this month. I'm loving all your images and their fantastic stories. So happy to have found your work and hope to meet you at the festival! Cheers! Cat

  • you are look so great 🙂 i like it

  • What a wonderful insight in women power and positivness. Thank you for sharing Ari!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Ari ! How I love your blog !!!!!! Glau ( from Brazil)

  • Anonymous

    Sorry ladies… but this fashion isn't zactly my style.
    It's …special though… and impressive too I guess.

  • Lydia

    Hello Ari,
    I've just followed a reference to your blog in Julia Twigg's book " Fashion and Age " which my daughter gave me for my 65th birthday. I'm blown away by your blog and it will more than likely become a great source of inspiration for me. Keep up the great work.

  • Dear Ari,
    Great blog, very positive and inspiring!
    I think that your "chosen ones" would look beautiful with my jewelery!
    Here is the link:
    Kind regards from Slovenia,
    Tina Lah (L'ah!)

  • Jan J.

    Hi Ari,
    Thank you, thank you, for celebrating these women. They have given me the courage to dress the way I have always wanted to and taken away the crazy fears of getting older and losing purpose. I'm watching the you tubes daily, sometimes repeatedly…they are like breathing air to me! As an artist, it has inspired me to want to create again, use color, and really live from what is true. Ilona is a shining star who emits enormous hope. I just love her, her wisdom, strength, spirit, and contagious sparkle.
    I'm so grateful for your insight and courage in following through with the project…blog, you tubes, documentary. It is huge, and I hope those advanced women out there who may not be tuned to the Internet will have someone in their life who will turn them on to the videos, etc. So, so many women need this inspiration on a daily basis. I wish you all the success in the world in bringing these women to light and in all of your endeavors. Please keep the videos coming!

  • Your blog is a truly inspirational place to which I return time and time again. Your respect and admiration for the amazing people you feature shines through. Keep up the good work.

  • Very lovely and inspirational articles, Ari! Great articles to enhance our everyday lives.

  • I just found this blog and I love it. I like you, love older people. The way you show them out and about and fashionable still enjoying life is so inspirational. Please keep it up.

  • Fabulous blog and great book! My friends keep wondering where I come up with great fashion and dressing ideas! Keep up the great work! BTW, I live in Miami, another fashion town, but tropical and eclectic. Thanks!

  • Thanks a lot Ari.
    In Spain, where I live, women over 50 years seem to have disappear. I refuse to happen it and try on my website and on my YouTube channel, help them to remain themselves, despite what others say.
    Thank you for helping me to know that I'm not alone.

  • I am looking forward to being an advanced style lady. I have already let my hair grow out and started a Pinterest board with the loveliest queen bees of New York City.
    Ari, you have done a fabulous job of honoring women as we become more beautiful. We don't just survive life, we live it. . .on our own terms. It is a freedom I never knew existed.
    I am relocating to NYC as soon as I am able. I want to live out my "dream interrupted" in the city I have always loved.

  • love your blog! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Saw you on "Katie" today. Great job !



  • Linda

    Hi Ari
    Was just waiting for coffee at my favourite café and saw your interview today, I am impressed by your work. I have just come home from New York and I witnessed the fabulous style of the older beautiful ladies of New York, I am 54 and need to lift my game. Very inspirational

  • sanorton

    Hi ari, I watched you on tv1 this morning, and was soo impressed with the time you spend with the elderly peole. I would like you to contact me whilst you are in new-Zealand please.my mobile is 0212656326.Many thanks.Shirley.

  • Hello Ari, I write from Spain. I'm librarian in the Regional Library of Murcia, a medium city in the South of Spain. First, excuse my english.

    I contact you, first, to congratulate for your fantastic blog. In the Library we are working in an event about fashion and culture, and we are very interested in your work.

    Excuse the boldness, but ¿would be possible a exposure with some of yours photos in our spaces?

    ¿It's possible contact you by email? This way, I could concrete the details. This is my email: vicente.funes@carm.es. If you write me, I can to explain our idea.

    Thanks in advance.

  • A link on Pinterest led me to you. I have been searching for a site that is dedicated to advanced women!!!!! I am a 51 year old woman of color and would like to explore new fashion and make up trends.

  • Ari I love your blog. It's opened my eyes to the style and glamour that can be achieved as we age. I SO want to be like these women when I grow up! Thank you for showcasing their style. You've inspired me.

  • Hi Ari, Your photos are beautiful. I have a blog called "The Not Dead Yet Generation" and I was wondering if I could use a couple of your photos. Thanks much.
    Phil Gissen

  • Anonymous

    hi ari,

    i like your blog, would it be possible to extend your page layout downwards and decrease the empty space between the posts ? i look at a couple of pictures and have to press "next page" very often, i would prefer to scroll down like 50 or 100 images, like the other streetstyle blogs,
    it would enhance viewing pleasure alot and even invite to look at more & nore pictues!
    thanke, peter

  • Ari!

    This is a beautiful blog! I saw the film and thought it was beautifully done!!!! I felt so happy, vibrant and full of passion for style!!!

    thank you so much for sharing your passion!



  • Ari,
    Watched your documentary-bravo!
    Thank you for inspiring me as a creative older woman now living in Tucson.
    The film was a wake up call for me forcing me to reminisce lovenly about the wonderful style of East coast.
    Thank you for warming my heart and setting me straight Up!

  • Diane NZ

    Reached 70 years this year and I've found my style home.

    Thanks for helping older women feel that they can be fantastic without explanation.


  • Hello Ari, good morning!
    I am part of the journalism team of the magazine F. Works, which online editions can be seen at the addresshttp://www.fworksprodutora.com.br/revista-f.html so that you can have an idea of what it is we do. Our next edition will arrive, on the web and stores, on December 2014, and will be wholly dedicated to the Advanced Style and its followers in Brazil. So, I would like you to concede a little bit of your time to answer the following questions, sending a picture of your preference, with the due credit::
    1) The present society seems obsessed with the youth. How did the perception come that defying the conventional ideas about beauty and power would be a path of inspiration and revolution?
    2) The women pictured in your blog, and, more recently, in the web and movie theaters, seem to have injected spirit not only in the fashion universe. Does this work go so far as being a lesson?
    3) You appear to tell us that the personal style based on diversification and originality can be more important and healthier than the very fashion industry and its rules. How is that?
    4) Advanced Style, The Documentary, is in theaters in Rio Festival 2014, Brazil. What is it like to dialogue with different media resources, bringing closer audiences and generations so diverse?
    5) Did you think that your initial step, in the blog, would reach such a long and fruitful run? What would you have to say to the women that are still tied to social and behavioral dictatorships?
    6) How is your relationship with these women that have motivated you in such an enthusiastic manner? Did you become friends beyond this road? Do you already have plans for 2015?
    7) And, to finalize, could you tell us, briefly, about your preferences? A stylist; a movie, a director, an actor, an actress; a book, an author; a color, a song, a phrase, a trip, a wish.
    Thank you very much!
    Katia Dias

  • Anonymous

    While your roaming around New York City a multi-cultural haven. You might want to observe some women of color. Or don't you think they have style?

  • Anonymous

    You should try going to Japan. There are so many types of Japanese street fashions and it's amazing. Some of these fashions have made it to the west but the Jfashion community is very ageist, in the west anyways, especially towards people who like the cuter and colorful styles.

    I always wonder if there are middle aged Japanese women who still dress in Japanese street fashion and it would be awesome to see pictures of them.

    You should really get pictures of older women around the world.

  • Anonymous

    Just saw your documentary, it was just amazing. Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks!

  • Just watched your documentary on Netflix. I think of these ladies in terms of Be Here Now in Technicolor. Thanks so much. Now I need t go shopping!

  • Anonymous

    Each year a friend and I attend the International Gift Show in NYC. Among other things, it's a great place to people watch; an International crowd. We are particularly interested in Style (rather than fashion) and rate the women for their efforts. extra points are given for extra decades, for the best work with a figure flaw (NOT camofluage but celebration), etc. We figure it's easy to throw on a little nothing when you're twenty, but we're impressed with women of a certain age who have developed their own personal sense of style, a celebration of themselves,regardless of trends and fashion dictates.

  • I just saw your documentary and I have to admit it was possibility wonderful. My granmother, would have loved it and everything you do. Even her last days in the hospital she wouldn't be caught wearing anything but these fashionable night gowns- full of lace, feathers, satins and bold colors.
    It's the little things, it's feeling unique everyday. I do think she would have loved it. Having worked in fashion for over 6 years it's wonderful to see someone, somewhere to show that it isn't always about the thin, emaciated hot young things.
    Bravo! Brava!
    If you ever need an archivist or retoucher for any future projects, I'd be delighted to help

  • Just finished the documentary and loved it! I just celebrated my 61st birthday this Thanksgiving and it just made feel that I was not alone in my feelings about growing older and still being fabulous…which I am!
    Kudos to you and all the ladies!

  • I have to tell you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this documentary- and your blog! So much, I am writing a feature on my blog about you! Please check it out. It's under the culture section of Me Actually. meactual.com, it will post on 12/3/14

  • Hi Ari…I am from NOLA and an advanced Stylish Southern woman!…I know sooo many lovely ladies who would be an incredible addition to your wonderful honoring of women who are aging gracefully. I am 72 and my mother is 93…we would be honored to be amongst your beautiful crones! Love…Granny in NOLA!

  • Dear Ari,
    Just had the pleasure of watching your documentary and I found it fascinating! I think my favorite fashionista is by far Joyce Carpatti, what a classy elegant lady. It would be such an honor to chat with her, if you feel that would be possible please let me know.
    Best regards, Happy Hanukah 🙂
    R. Gindi

  • Anonymous

    Dear Ari,
    I just had the pleasure of watching your documentary and I was fascinated! It's wonderful to know what a beautiful process aging can be.
    I was especially taken with Joiyce Carpatti, such a charming, elegant lady. I would love to be able to email her directly if that s possible, please let me know.
    Have a wonderful Happy Holidays!
    R. Gindi

  • Anonymous

    I loved the documentary! Made me feel hopeful. I would really like to know the brand and color of the pretty lipstick worn by Joyce Carpati. She is so elegant, and the color was so pretty on her. All the ladies were fabulous!

  • Hi Ari, just watched your film on Netflix and it was a real treat. The ladies were all uniquely glorious. Good work showcasing them to the world. Keep it up. I can't wait for the next installment.

    PS, you are quite the handsome guy yourself. Wish we had more cute Jewish guys in California. Eric in San Diego.

  • Hi Ari, just watched your film on Netflix. What a blast. The ladies were a treat to watch. What an inspiration to all people who have limited viewpoints on the possibilities during aging.

    Looking forward to your next film showcasing more dynamic ladies…and maybe some dapper men too.

    BTW, you are a hot tamale yourself. Do you have a gay twin you can send out to California?

    Eric in San Diego.

  • Carla


    Life is about so much more than what is showcased in the magazines. Thank you for going with your gut and taking this path. We get caught up in defining ourselves by what we are told by others and being turned into unconscious beings who are beat into believing that wrinkles are the death of youth – you remind us to not conform, let loose, put emphasis on the 'b' side of life and to strut, sway and skip across that runway, wherever it may be. The body is your portal, it morphs and changes beyond recognition as the clock keeps ticking – we question why, and you give us an outlet to make it so much easier….to embrace style, and to be proud to keep adding candles to that cake, the more that get blown out the more there is to celebrate.

    Advanced Style inspires!

    Carla in Montreal

  • Anonymous

    Where are the Dykes? They are some of the most fashionable women I know, in a non-gendered way. Ask them here.


  • Leah Bernstein

    Hi Ari,

    I caught your NPR "Q" interview last night while driving home from my second job — styling for and selling clothing to women of all ages! I've always loved fashion, but the prospect of celebrating my 60th birthday next week had been mostly negative. And then I heard you. Thank you for the mind shift. I can't wait to turn 60! My beautiful mom turns 89 today. Thanks, Ari. We love you and your work.

  • Amy

    Ari, I like your blog. However, I am wondering if you've considered focusing your attention on older women who have less money as well. These women seem to have a lot of money, especially the one who made the comment (in your documentary) that she spent "only $500" on her outfit!

  • Hi Ari!
    My fabulous, 94 year old grandmother, who goes by Memaw Texas, was asked to review your book at a country club she frequents in just a few weeks. She is my style icon and is the most inspiring and stylish women I know. It would really knock her socks off if you posted on her on her facebook. Her facebook page is:https://www.facebook.com/royhelen.ackers?fref=ts&ref=br_tf
    Mary Ann

  • Greetings and congratulations Mr. Cohen. I as referred to your extraordinary work by a Friend. I work with an advocacy organization in Ontario, Canada that represents 160 member organizations and over 500, 000 Seniors across the province. I would please like the opportunity to correspond with you regarding an initiative I am planning. I will follow up with via Linkedin. Blessings!

  • Greetings and congratulations Mr. Cohen. I as referred to your extraordinary work by a Friend. I work with an advocacy organization in Ontario, Canada that represents 160 member organizations and over 500, 000 Seniors across the province. I would please like the opportunity to correspond with you regarding an initiative I am planning. I will follow up with via Linkedin. Blessings!

  • Anonymous

    Ari , please look into miami socialite Marcy Lefton . She would be a great addition to your blog. She was the designer behind michael jacksons famous rhinestone gloves!

  • Happy New Year! Just saw your movie and it was very inspiring!!!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome blog. Awesome ladies and style. I have much to look forward to. Could never look forward to mediocracy in dress as I get older. I'm glad so many are of the same mind. Non conformity to stereotypical dress and make up is to make yourself a work of art and style.

  • Hi Ari….im a 50+ youngster so inspired by these women. I can relate an actually look forward to my senior fashinista days because for some reason being beautifully eccentric seems more socially acceptable for older woman and inadored your documetary. I wish I had known about the Dallas screening but glad I ran across it via netflix after watching a documentary on the life od Diana Vreeland, a woman after my own heart. These women all helped me to understand myself better and my inclination towards the visual arts and my life long fabric fetish Yay!!! In my boring day job I am a whitr collar insurance.professional but the real me has always been a creative visual artist. Thank all the ladies for this validation. Im quite happy and inspired.

  • How have we not crossed paths before?

  • How have we not crossed paths before?

  • Dear Ari Seth,
    I would be interested in writing about your great Blog for an European Newspaper. Would you so kind to get in touch with me? andrea.wieser@tt.com

    Best Regards
    Andrea Wieser

  • Anonymous

    I love this blog…and all the wonderful, creative styles of the women it showcases! Unfortunately, in Denver there isn't much of a movement like this, although I do remember as a child there were women who ALWAYS wore hats and heels to go anywhere! What I would love to know is what these women eat? Most are very thin and I don't think it is entirely by chance, so perhaps they would like to share the diets to which they adhere? thanks, m

  • Just watched your documentary with my roommate – I have so much to say I can't possibly get it in 300 characters. Just know you're a genius.

    – Joseph

  • Ari, you are such a beautiful person. Your blog is such an inspiration to me. I'm not quite 50 years old, but I look at the images you share here and feel so inspired. I know the best, most fashionable and fun years of my life are ahead of me. Thank you so much for opening my eyes.

    Peace. <3

  • Hi Ari,

    A truly fabulous blog.

  • Hi Ari! I love your blog!! I've been following for a while
    and I just posted a feature in mine, hope you like it 😉


    Please let me know if any change to the post is needed.

  • Hi Ari! I love you blog and your documentary. I totally relate to the females in your film … my clothing is my art work, and I design my own hats.

  • Ari I think you're the best. You take such good and kind care of your fashionistas in the film. It warmed my heart beyond even their incredible-ness.

  • I watched this movie out of boredom on a plane 3 days ago from Frankfurt to Haneda. On the first minute I fell in love with this movie, with the project and with all the wonderful women in it! I am one of those who admire the advanced style of random women (and men) on the streets. Can I volunteer or participate in this project somehow? This movie has inspired me to develop my own style and I feel happier just by watching the short trailers on youtube.

  • Ari,
    I wanted to write and let you know that I watched your film and thought it was brilliant. It brought tears to my eyes. You are a blessing. All of the women featured in this film are beautiful. Thank you for this project.

  • Bellissimo blog! Finalmente qualcuno che si occupa dello stile e dell' eleganza di tante donne in età che non smettono di avere uno spirito giovane ed ironico. Complimenti!

  • These ladies are amazing. Wonderful work, Ari.

  • Ari,

    I have watched your film countless times, shown it to my many friends who attend FIDM in Los Angeles with me, and recommended it to everyone and anyone who will listen. As a fashion student, this film has opened my eyes and inspired me to continue being myself. I hope I can be half as fabulous as the women you post on your blog when I'm their age. Thank you for doing what you do, keep up the amazing work!

  • Hello Ari,
    We are a non-profit organization from Germany and we are about to start a photo project with seniors in our region. We wish to take fashion pictures of people who are at least 70 years old. The participants should be styled by professionals and be enabled to slip into a photographic model’s role. Furthermore they learn more about media and should be able to escape of their everyday lives.
    At the moment we are creating an advertising postcard to draw people’s attention to our project. We found your pictures on the internet (http://quality-magazine.ch/je/) and are really impressed. It would be great to use one of your pictures for our postcards.
    Is it possible to give a unique authorization for this only project to us? Does the brand Karen Walker Eyewear also have any rights for the pictures?
    Thank you in advance.
    All best wishes,
    Landesfilmdienst Baden-Württemberg e. V.
    Mail: info@lfd-bw.de
    For more information about us see our website: http://www.lfd-bw.de

  • This is such an amazing blog!!! It proves fashion IS NOT about AGE but about STYLE and CONFIDENCE!!!

  • Barbara Drake

    I love your film. Just saw it on Netflix. What especially intrigued me about it was how the tone of the film evolved and deepened; by the end, you realize that these women are showing us not how to dress, but how to live. As Dylan Thomas would say, "Rage, rage against the dying of the light!" (Update: Be outrageous! Be outrageous against the dying of the light.)
    Great work, Ari.

  • True style, inside and out, never grows old. We become sensational. It's the perfect order of life.

  • I really love this advance style blog!

  • I really like what you've done with this blog. I grew up up with family members who felt stigmatized by their older age. But looking here, I see people who have embraced their age creatively and gracefully. Thank you!

  • I met Jacquie Murdock on the street today. I helped her cross the street, and as we were chatting she mentioned she was in the Advanced Style documentary. She seemed like such an amazing person, that I watched it as soon as I got home. It was so inspiring as all the ladies featured have such amazing style and spirit, and I hope to have half as much as they do as I grow older.

  • Hi Ari,

    I read your blog faithfully since my good friend in L.A. told me about your documentary. I love it! This morning, I had the pleasure of meeting Joyce Carpati on the Sixth Avenue bus. I told her I loved seeing photos of her online, and she was as warm and chatty as I would have expected. Had I not seen Advanced Style, I would not have known who she was, just another beautiful older woman in NYC! Thank you for inspiring us, as I thanked Joyce for inspiring me.

  • Anonymous

    Hi. I've just watched your documentary on Netflix and I loved it. I really respect what you're doing and I love that you're making older ladies feel fabulous. The ladies are all gorgeous and they've made me want to buy new clothes and be more creative with my style. Thank you.

  • Lovely, lovely, lovely! Thank you!

  • While it's lovely you are showcasing older women with style, they still all conform to the stereotype that style is anything that that thin, long limbed women. Would love to see some larger stylish women (which is what MOST of us are!)

  • Anonymous

    Love the idea, so respectful and something that seems to be missing in today's society. Love to see a older man dressed up to go out for a coffee.

    Faux Fur Coats at picVpic

  • It's 2015. Women of certain aren't just sitting front of fire with their slippers on, women in their seventies are body building , we have gay marriages and famous transgendered. Yet still you guys don't have one African heritage friend. I love clothes, but it would be great as women if you embraced a sisterhood rather than be a bunch of silver white elitists . You have the platform to show inclusiveness so show it. Take a leaf out Irish Apfel book. She is more than her clothes.

    It will be interesting to see if you publish this post.

  • Hello Ari I looove your blog. I feel in love with it after watching your movie. It reminds me so much to my grandmother she has her own boutique in Venezuela since forever. Every year, she goes to pfw to bring the garments! Here is a picture of her, My beautiful Meme: Rosette Melul

    Ps: I had to share her with you?

  • Hello Ari I looove your blog. I feel in love with it after watching your movie. It reminds me so much to my grandmother she has her own boutique in Venezuela since forever. Every year, she goes to pfw to bring the garments! Here is a picture of her, My beautiful Meme: Rosette Melul

    Ps: I had to share her with you?

  • Ari, you are a real inspiration. Your work is wonderful.

    As an older lady (73) I believe that older women can be stylish and attractive. I have been after my photog hubby for ages to do something like this, but he prefers the young and the nubile. I will be posting a link to this wonderful blog of yours and letting him see what can be done.

    Thank you!!!


  • I love this blog, so inspiring !!

  • It would be great if you run a facebook page – an easy way to follow your really interesting work 🙂


  • Great blog. How about this lady? http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/MTI7MDMsNGZiLDAsMCwx/e81d22a98d5e0b28e0a5c380c3b70397.jpg
    Her name is Helena Norowicz and she is an actress that became a model at 80 years old. How fabulous is she?


  • I just watched the documentary, it is totally inspiring.
    Thank you Ari, amazing work!

  • Beautiful documentary, beautiful ladies!!! I want to grow up & be just like them! I'm 52 years young 😉 Thank you Ari!!!

  • Beautiful documentary! Bravo Ari! I too am a fashion mnaven but 52 years young! I want to grow up to be just like them 🙂 ~ Thank you!!! Maribell

  • It was a treat to find your blog today and find all the excellent photos of seasoned women in their finery. Interesting how many go for the Boho style, as though they have finally given themselves to dress as wild and crazy as they want to be. My husband (70) and I (73) and a friend (58) live in Mexico, and play music every Wednesday night at a popular restaurant. What's wonderful about that is that no matter how old and tired we feel, when we have a rehearsal or a performance the years fall away and we're stoked with energy and goodwill. It would have been nice to start earlier…we've only been doing this about 12 years, but better late than never, right?

  • Hi Ari and all of your beauties and creators!
    I saw your documentary last night. I am consumed with JOY from it. At 49, a former model, actress, musician (still but it's been 10 yrs since I played live), I was feeling old, washed-up and although I have a great marriage to my best friend, who tells me I'm beautiful and talented 10 times a day (no exaggeration) I've been sad, wondering why am I done? I feel great! Why must I be done?! Well…I know now that I was sad because of some notion I had that the world didn't need me, nor might light, any longer…it was for the young to shine. Outside of my husband and gorgeous and talented daughter, Why would anyone care? I am invisible. When I write, people still hear me, but I am no longer seen, felt.

    You, your heart and style – the women you introduced to all of us have shown me that I DO care, that my JOY and exuberance for life can change the world through vibrancy and love, creation and fun right here in my neighbourhood. The first time I sing somewhere again, I will dedicate the performance to you! (and then the WORLD of course, Darling!) lol Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I feel so LIGHT.

  • I'm fan!!!
    I saw a facebook post and I'm hooked. I love all the senior stylistahs! I'm inspired and love it your focus that age is but a number. Style and taste lives FOREVER. I'm buying the book and will check in on the blog.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari…Loved the article in Sunday's paper…I happen to be 59 myself. I have done triathlons, so I stay in fairly good shape; 5'3" 110 pounds, somewhat toned and fit. Do you ever need new models? I have no experience, but am a quick learner (I'm a special ed teacher, adjunct instructor for UCLA and UCSD, and an author). If interested, please email me at mmarrone51@hotmail.com

  • Ginzama Vista

    Hi Ari, great work, very inspirational. If youl ever come to Brussels, it will be such a pleasure to meet you. You captured these beautiful women in such a way that I am looking forward to being older. I am a 50 y.o. Afropean creating my own style & jewelry. If you ever do pass by here in Belgium, I’ll be glad to share my passion with you. Take care. From Brussels with xxx ppourbaix@hotmail.com

  • Pamela J. Naylor

    I’m all grown up and I want to be Iris Apfel. I saw the piece of your that was shown on Netflix the same time as the piece on Iris Apfel. Great interviews and photography. Loved them.

    • Jenzingo

      I love Iris 🙂

  • Jenzingo

    Hi Ari! I saw a clip of you and some of your fashionistas on Facebook and I LOVED it! I’m 54 and I needed some inspiration…. and Wow, these ladies rock. I hope to be as beautiful as they are in my 60’s and 70’s. Thank you for showing that you’re never too old to be beautiful. <3

  • Ma Carolina Hurtado Hernández

    Hi! Univision Trends is filming a really nice serie about “Old Fashion”, you should take a look.


  • Hi Ari
    We launched a new website for upcycled fashion design. We will be love to be reviewed by you

  • Joyful17

    Your photographs and Documentary are all outstanding! And the ladies? To dye for! Have you considered doing something similar about women in their 70’s and 80’s who are doing amazing creative design and art works! Many who have come to this only in their later years!….I confess…I am one of them! if you have any interest take a look at: http://www.joymooscollection.com

  • marica minchetti

    Hi Ari!
    I’m an Italian girl Marica. I’m realizing an fashion magazine only for woman over 60. I would like to ask you if you would like to contribute to the realization of this project with some of your picture. many Thanks

    • alexb244

      Hi Marica contact me via Twitter I would like to discuss your project

    • Suzy Monty

      I’m 66 and still modelling if interested please contact me through Facebook. Thankyou

  • Suzy Monty

    I still model bikinis and lingerie at 66 years young. The UK press call me the UK’s Oldest Glamour Model. I adore fashion modelling too and love to style my outfits. There’s no such thing as old people’s clothing in my book. See my page on Facebook or my website. .just Google my name x Regards Suzy Monty x

  • Ana Rosa Rojtenberg

    Hello from Brazil….Ari…Im 89 years very very young …receiving many cumpliments for my looks and criativity. I’m still modeling. I would love to send you my pictures…where and how? You’ll be surprised and I’ll be delighted to be in touch with you.Pls. answer me to my email: anarojtenberg@gmail.com.
    Thanks and congratulations !!!

  • Jeannie Ralston

    Hello. I’m the editor of a new web magazine for women who want to AGe Boldly. I’m looking for contact info for you on the site, but don’t see it. Anyhow. I’d like to talk to you about publishing some of your photos. I can pay!! Please check out NextTribe.com, and get back to me at info@NextTribe.com.
    Thanks–Jeannie Ralston

  • Ivana Migani

    Hi Ari,
    congratulations for your job!
    I’m Ivana, italian girl, and i’m 62 years hold “out”, but 18 “inside”!
    Everyone says i’m bizarre girl, but i’m fine and that’s fine!
    If you want, i can send you some photos.
    Thank you.
    And still bravo bravo bravo!!!

  • Nam Trần

    congratulations for your job!
    lò nướng

  • Trịnh Thanh

    I really love the angle that you took with this post

    bộ nồi fissler

  • Anu Prestonia

    Hello, I have two amazing women that I would love to see featured on Advanced Style. How do I submit their information to you?

  • Zoe Ousey

    Hi there, fantastic documentary!
    Im a photography student in Cardiff, Wales and I’m basing my final project on the lack of older models in fashion photography. Struggling to find people that I can contact so thought leaving a message on here might help! I’m wanting to find some fabulous people over 50 who love fashion and have their own sense of style. If you are interested in taking part please contact me on zoeousey@gmail.com 🙂 thanks!

  • melanie wakefield

    Hi Ladies i just found your blog and am absolutely amazed how fantastic everyone looks, Im a photography student in London in my first year and am doing a module on fashion and im basing my idea on individuality, I would love to be able to meet and photograph some stylish people of the older but fun loving generation for my project. please feel free to contact me if anyone is interested on mumlowe@hotmail.co.uk, hope to here from you soon.

  • Tại sao tôi không thấy gì nhỉ ?
    cách làm rau mầm

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    I really love this advance style blog! Great blog . thanks a lot .designer brand clothing and accessories