We are thrilled to announce that Advanced Style The Documentary will be released in the US on September 26th. Stay tuned for showtimes and listings

The Advanced Style DVD is now available with lots of bonus footage!!!
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  • I can't wait to see this it's a must! So much to learn and see

  • FUN, fun, fun! I can't wait to see the full film. Love it!

  • FUN, fun, fun! I can't wait to see the full film! Love it!

  • Catherine Weiner

    Wow, this is so beautiful. I love the blog, the wisdom from the women, and their individual style. I cannot wait to see the documentary – more art like this should be in the public forum.

  • I can't wait to see the movie and have a DVD to keep watching it!!! <3
    Thank you SO MUCH for doing this incredible work!

  • Thank you SO MUCH to doing this amazing, incredible work!!
    As a Korean it is hard for me to find amazing ladies like them around me. Because everyone wants to be same as everyone. So thank you so much I have learned and keep learning from you and beautiful ladies.
    I cannot wait to see the movie and buy a DVD for myself to allow me to re-watch it anytime I want!!! <3

  • I am a new fan of Tziporah. I am 47 years old and while being sick in bed I googled modern fashion for older women. And I found advanced style. What a gorgeous concept. Brilliant! I want the DVD too. And I am now inspired to never let style be stopped in my life.
    Thank you for the making of the movie. Hopefully I will make it into it for your future ones. *winks*
    Amanda Tomasoa

  • This just makes me happy. Plain and simple.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely great. Congratulations to you, and bless kickstarter for opening your door.

  • Val

    So inspiring I can't wait for the full film or to be at an age when I don't care what other people think of me anymore!

  • This is so wonderful! I cannot wait for the film to be out. I love these women. I have worked in the fashion industry my entire career and at middle age you are unemployable. This really shows that age has no style limits. These ladies are the true icons of style – not the young girls who are all styled the same by stylists!

  • Congratulations!!!!!! I love your project! 🙂

  • Congratulations!!!!!! I love your project! 🙂

  • Holy cow, when is this coming out? This is such a progressive and political film. I know the filmmaker is a man, so is it possible he can understand the immediate impact this can have on the psyche of women? We are always–constantly–told how old and awful we are, how we need to stop wearing mini-skirts after 35, how nobody wants to see our disgusting bodies anymore, etc. etc. It's so depressing and sometimes hard to be happy, feel attractive, or even have fun! THANK YOU for this movie. It really makes a difference.

  • Can't wait!!! I see myself in them, I'm 45 and I Loooove Fashion and Style. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!One thing I felt that had been lost in the States is style..Thank you for bringing it to light I love it.

  • Nat

    Wow this is amazing I hope to grow up just as happy and free spirited as you girls! Im going to show these clips to my nan to give her a little happy boost shes 89. Thankyou x

  • Just discovered your blog. I can't wait for this to come out also. My nan, who passed away quite a few years ago, always left the house in style – with spritz of Chanel and a box of Tic Tacs to boot.

  • This is such an awesome concept. I am not into fashion myself but I am so into graceful aging with integrity and personality. These women are truly amazing and appear to be great role models for the baby boomers and future generations. I have some perfect candidates for future projects if you are in need of some incredible octagenearians or nonagenarians from Main Street, USA! Keep this concept alive! Thank you!

  • You have such great style!

  • wow, I really hope this documentary comes to Europe…I've been dying to see it since I saw the trailer the first time

  • Just heard about this on NPR. Love the photos, love the film triailers! Thank you for bringing smiles.

  • Anonymous

    Love your blog! Thanks you. I love fashion and am 60 years old. It's wonderful to know there are people out there that understand and can appreciate women in all their stages of life. You are only as old as you feel and or think.

  • Just heard your NPR spot! Thank you for giving these wild, wonderful, gorgeous women a voice! How heartening and encouraging it is to know that beauty isn't always just about age or your body type. THANK YOU!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Ari Seth Cohen, you are as awesome as all of the inspired and inspiring women you have given me the chance to encounter in you long trailer. How inspiring and refreshing and so real. What incredible role models for living life to the fullest these women are. I cannot wait for your documentary. You breath new life into the expression "etre bien dans sa peau". Bravo.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. I asked my younger boyfriend to buy the book for me for Christmas. It was my FAVORITE gift! I'm a 60-year old manager of a young/hip boutique and I'm showing those girls a thing or two. Many are SO afraid to look different. Guess that's a part of their lives, but NOT a part of mine! You GO ladies!!! I CANNOT wait to see the movie! Matter of fact, I'm throwing a party and taking all my friends to see it, en masse. Keep Stylin'!

  • I look forward to seeing this film!

    As someone who (tries to) create wearable art hats, I love these women's personal style and philosophy!

    My own 80 year old mother considers her clothing similar to the women in the trailer — it IS her Art!

  • Anonymous

    What an amazing idea!

    I would love to see some women of color showcased as a part of this project… we need role models of all sorts.

    Looking forward to this!

  • Anonymous

    Hi kickstarter congratulations…I would like to participate in your next documentary…Best Regards,


  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari i was wondering if i could have ur email address so i could contact you because i am doing a school project(newspaper article) on you and would like to know a bit more about you

  • C.J. Gelfand

    I'm 75, an actor/playwright, and have cultivated my own style for years. Advanced Style is a breath of fresh air. I never dreamed that so many women of my age group felt so great about their later years. It's inspirational. I can't wait for the documentary.

    C.J. Gelfand

  • Anonymous

    As a woman who makes hats for women, I sooo appreciate your blog, book and your upcoming documentary. Thank you for sharing the video clips. I 've watch them over and over again- they always bring a smile to my face.
    cheers! Tina Kite, Atlanta, GA

  • This is sooo fabulous ~ all of it! I live in the far north of Scotland, where everything is dreary and drab, including the styles. But I'm from Florida, where everything is colorful and glorious. I try to maintain my Florida self even though I'm living in the land of grey. This blog / film / book have inspired me tremendously! Thank you so much!

  • Love the long trailer. Please bring this film to Toronto ASAP!

  • Where were you when Art changed?

  • Really great site.

  • I noticed this was funded on kickstarter. Any updates if this was ever released?

  • Ari-

    I am trying to find a contact information for you. A German publication would like to publish a photo of yours. Please contact me at as soon as possible!

    Many thanks -Alrun

  • Ari-

    A German publication would like to publish your photo. How can I contact you?? My email:

    Hope to hear from you today!!
    Thanks -Alrun

  • I feel so inspired by this blog and specially with this movie trailer! 😮 I loved it! Thanks for making and sharing this. These amazing women just made my day even better… Happy Women's day! 🙂

    Lu from Things&Crowns

  • Those ladies are really wowing me ,they are so inspirational and everyone should learn something from them,be ourselves and express ourselves.

    Royal Wang

  • i really inspirated with your style. i love it. thank you very much.


  • Please, Paris dates!!!

  • Ari- I just wanted to say I watched the documentary yesterday and it was so inspirational, I hope I have the same attitude as these women when I'm older. I completely admire the way they refuse to blend into the background.

    Natalie x

  • What wonderful examples of people who are, as Thoreau says, living deep and sucking the marrow out of life! I can't wait to get old and throw caution to the wind.

  • Jani J.

    Thank You, Thank You, Ari and The Ladies. I am so looking forward to the film. In fact, cannot wait.
    Does anyone know about US release dates??? As far as I can gather, it premiered in UK and Ireland, the DVD is only in European format and will not play on usual DVD machines here in the US… or maybe just not released yet anywhere? Anybody?

  • Geri

    Same Question as Jani J. When can we get a US copy?

  • Love This!Very inspiring for us on the other side of life and loving it! 🙂 Can't wait to see it!

  • Just got back from the cinema – it was freakin' fantastic and I cried buckets – my beloved was only one of two chaps in there. He liked it as well.

  • Andy Lyons-Burke

    We saw this film today in the UK. It was great. Also gives you an inspiration to live your life to the best you can and be happy.
    You should be very proud of your film and what you are doing for the awareness of the great women.

  • What a amazing concept. Just seen the trailer and it inspired me to do something for the old mothers and sisters here in Bangladesh.
    We have started a Online Schooling for them for better degrees to live better for ever.
    Would like to request Mothers/Sisters to visit my Online school.
    All the suggestions and advise are highly appreciated.

  • When in Spain?

  • Ishaé Adams

    Hi I'm from England and I just saw this film today with my university, it was amazing! We laughed, we cried and were in total awe of these wonderful women. I am an aspiring fashion designer and have been so inspired to continue to push the "boundaries" of fashion. I want to now (more than ever) create wild and lavish designs that will grab the attention of all who see it. My new motto "luxury is quality" Thank you for inspiring me even more! xxx

  • Anonymous

    I saw a preview for this last night. Really excited to see this!

  • Pity they put so much makeup, makes them look like old Drag Queens!!
    The cloths and accessories look nice though…

  • Anonymous

    Just saw it in Helsinki International Film Festival. Loved it! Thank You and bless all the lovely ladies! Inspiring.

  • Natalie Guanta

    Just saw that the Advanced screening held in Sydney the Executive Producers were from a label that is generally for the young. Would of loved to be involved in some way as I have the OSKA shop just up the road in Paddington! Our clientele is for women over 50 embracing life and style to a tee. How does one become involved in these kind of events!

  • Anonymous

    I went to see the movie on Saturday and loved it so much I went back on Sunday. I can't get enough of these women! They are sure of themselves and proud of who they are. I am, too, but without such flair. I am getting some ideas….

  • Anonymous

    Just went to your movie, absolutely loved it. I am telling everyone I know! Great job!!!

  • I can't not wait to see this!! These women are inspiring and formidable. My own mother was a style icon, never wore the same outfit twice and dressed for herself. Gottex bathing attire, Nipon scarves, Charles Jordan shoes..her closes was my runway growing up in Miami Beach.

  • I am so glad you are doing this! What an inspiration. You have completely changed the way I view the aging process! It was a pleasure to meet you today in Orange County.

  • JudyAnne

    Just today saw this documentary in Orange County, CA. I SO enjoyed it. Bless you Ari, for highlighting theses amazing ladies and allowing us to share in their joy of life! Bravo!

  • I saw ADVANCED STYLE this past weekend in Provincetown. What a great empowering loving film tribute to style, aging with grace and panache, and creativity. Ari, you rock hard! Thank you! I am a native New Yorker who is now a famous lesbian comic. Check me out on Facebook!
    Much love!
    Karen Williams

  • Anonymous

    This film changed my life. What a bunch of extraordinary women.

  • FUN, fun, fun! I can't wait to see the full film. Love it!

  • Just saw it in Helsinki International Film Festival. Loved it! Thank You and bless all the lovely ladies! Inspiring.

  • Anonymous

    hi, Ari, can you please email me ( whether the documentary is still playing in NY and if so, where?

    thank you

  • Ari-

    You are so awesome! I was beyond inspired by this blog and by the documentary. Thank you for your vision and putting this out there and therefore shifting the paradigm.

  • Ari-

    You are beyond awesome! Thank you for your amazing blog and the documentary. So inspiring. Thank you for putting this out there and changing the paradigm.

  • Tammy

    hi, i just saw the documentary, i laughed, i smiled, i got tense and i cried. thank you, especially for putting elderly women in such a positive light, thank you, Tammy, Tel Aviv

  • SB

    Ari I have watched your film twice now and I am in awe and inspired. Its about so many things for me and I plan to share it with the young ones in my life, who question their freedom to be who they are..this said to me..YES! Be You Always..
    Thanks SO much! what a gift!

  • I knew thats videos and I like that so much . I think thats documentary so nice and can makes me so inspired . thanks for share,,,

  • Hi Ari and Ladies,

    I have known about Advanced Style for a while now and am a huge fan. As someone in the beauty and fashion community as well as a body image specialist I am thrilled that someone is finally noticing how incredible the older generation is when it comes to style, flair and fashion. So often our elders are "invisible" and it is a crime! These ladies lit up the screen as I was watching the documentary. They have presence and essence in photographs that no one under age 50 could ever dream of.

    As a 30 year old with a deep appreciation of the beauty, grace and history our elders encapsulate I can't thank you enough for making this blog, for reaching out on social media (like youtube, ig and facebook) showing the younger generation how it is done and the older generations that they have got it going on!

    We are all in this together!

  • Patrisha

    Thank You Ari and now My beautiful inspirations, Ladies You are. I have been thinking about my own style as I age, a beautiful 58 and counting. Thank You for the lovely reminder that age is beauty when entered into with style

    December 2, 2014

  • Thank you I loved your show

  • Thank you for this moving, inspiring and motivating movie. Love the project. Cheers from Berlin.

    ♥ Eve / PONY IN FURS

  • thank you for sharing the meaning of class. what an amazing compilation of art

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! Just saw this on Netflix and really loved it.
    I'm 70 and love creating beautiful outfits. Have tons of shoes and stuffed closets. See that I'm in great company:)

  • Anonymous

    Where can I watch film?

  • Anonymous

    It's being shown on Netflix!

  • Hello Ari,
    I'm Julia, director of Total Wardrobe Storage in London.
    I came across your blog & just wanted to say how gorgeous your work is & how beautiful the ladies are!
    We are a luxury garment storage service that design our service around our clients lifestyles and include a web wardrobe. Please check out our site:

  • I watched this documentary on a flight to New York last week. I am now looking forward to dressing like your ladies now that I am 50. I was fully expecting to be invisible from 50 onwards but they are inspiring. I like to say GLAMATURE…

  • A friend from far away just called this morning to tell me I must see this movie! She is right, and I cannot wait. Congratulations to you.

  • I saw this extraordinary doc this past Sunday, Mothers Day. Watched with tears in my eyes, with a lumo in my throat and a smile from ear to ear.

  • Really excited to see this!

  • Truly Marvellous. What an exceptional documentary.

    Regards from London. P.C x

  • I went to see the movie on Saturday and loved it so much I went back on Sunday. I can't get enough of these women!

  • Qu'est-ce que c'est !!!!!
    Je ne comprends pas, mais je suis d'accord que le plus grand ont leur style !!
    mmm ok ok

  • I just watch the docu on Netflix here in Ireland. It is an inspiration to see these strong women doing their own thing, not feeling the need to conform to the so called norm. They live their life to the fullest, they have fun being alive even with all the aches and pains that they might have. They have my deepest respect and you I thank for bringing these lovely ladies to us. This certainly inspired me to make more of my life.

  • I'm watching your doc and noticed…you're showing all these older women, and that's great. But they all fit into the the same long lean ideal of stylishness. How about some larger models, for a change!

    • Tracy

      That IS frustrating.

  • I'm watching your doc and noticed…you're showing all these older women, and that's great. But they all fit into the the same long lean ideal of stylishness. How about some larger models, for a change!

  • Wonderful, this is so beauty, thanks

  • Anonymous

    I watched this documentary last night and today as a fluffy senior citizen I am tearing through my closet and seeing my clothes differently! Thank you!

  • I just watch the docu on Netflix here in Ireland. It is an inspiration to see these strong women doing their own thing, not feeling the need to conform to the so called norm. They live their life to the fullest, they have fun being alive even with all the aches and pains that they might have. They have my deepest respect and you I thank for bringing these lovely ladies to us.

  • I am very pleased to have the information that Advanced Style Documentary will be released in the US on September 26, I 'll wait


  • I just saw Advanced Style (in Canada) and I'm in love with all of you. IN LOVE <3 Thank you for creating this wonderful movie and thank you to the FABULOUS women in the movie for sharing your wisdom of style with us all. I do hope including older people in fashion will be a lasting trend. We miss out on so much by being obsessed with youth. It's silly. Thanks again. -Pecha

  • C Lindsay

    I watched this movie last night and was moved by the exuberance and beauty captured in these women. Thank you Ari for sharing with the world that as women get older, they are still real people with style and full of life.

  • I just heard about the film! I love your blog and can’t wait to see the film. Thanks so much for creating such an inspiring project. ~Nina

  • Amoria Bridle

    Loving every moment of this trailer! I really wish all women have the courage to express themselves and be happy with who they are at the age they are. Thank you xxx

  • Renee

    I would like to know where some of the ladies are getting their fabulous necklaces and bracelets. I love that chunky bobbles look. Anyone? Oh, yes, and one other VERY important piece of information. I’ll need lower price points, Thanks

  • Karen Riley

    Loved this documentary…reminded me of my grandmother..she was always stylish and taught me so much..I am inspired to reinvent myself once again.
    I’m 63 and feel grateful I’m healthy and still creative. I am a hair stylist/business owner and love what I do AND love who I am..God is so good!!

  • Nancy Wagner Smith

    Just saw your documentary and was inspired. It was beautifully done with fabulous women.

  • Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

    Ohh my gosh what a wonderful lift! Thank you!

  • DesertRose

    Great trailer, I want to see the full documentary! Those are the people I inspire to be like when I get to be their age. Live life to the fullest, be yourself, be creative and have fun. I think that actually helps you to live longer as well.

  • Shahnawaz Husain

    Great trailer, i would be see the full documentary, thanks for the sharing this.

  • anyaerp

    I just saw the documentary at the Sofia film festival (in Bulgaria). I LOVED it.

  • thật tuyệt vời !
    stt hay

  • Debra Rapoport

    I watch this on Netflix last night. I have to say that it’s inspired me to live true to my self and my age of 56. I work in a young tech company and I’m on the steering committee for a group called wisdom@ This body of work is nothing short of brilliant! Thank you all for making this. Debra Rapoport in Portland