Like Mother, Like Daughter

When I saw this mother-daughter duo getting ready to enter their building, I couldn’t believe my luck. They were demure about their style, but they really have something special going on with their wonderful mix of patterns and accessories. This is top-notch Advanced Style.
  • This is fantastic! They are quite the duo, a Mother & Daughter to be reckoned!

    I just love your blog!!

  • what a great blog!!!

    love it!

    check it out mine if you can 🙂

    a kiss,
    see you,

  • WOW! They are out of sight! Lot it!!!!

  • What a pair! They’re great.

  • Absolutely love this duo! You have a great eye. Best of luck!

  • Anonymous

    I love this blog!
    Great job!

  • Anonymous

    The daughter’s very Edie Beale.

    This was shot in New York, right? One wonders why these two are so bundled up– the temperature hasn’t dropped below 55* yet, this Fall.

  • E

    Gosh they look like style conspirators on a mission – fabulous!

  • Patty

    I know why you were drawn to these two!

    May we too have such a stylish future.