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Tziporah Salamon Signed By Models 1

I am excited to report that our dear friend Tziporah Salamon just signed with Europe’s leading modeling agency, Models 1. Tziporah happened to be in London during my panel discussion at The Royal Academy of Arts where she delivered the wonderful news. This has been a dream of Tziporah’s for many years, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for her. Check out Tziporah’s portfolio on the Models 1 website HERE.

Portraying Life at The Royal Academy of Arts

Daphne Selfe in a suit from Old Ladies Rebellion

This past weekend, I joined 83-year-old model Daphne Selfe, designer Fanny Karst, and Nigel Hartley from St. Christopher’s Hospice for a panel discussion at The Royal Academy of Arts in London. We had a very special conversation about the interplay between aging, illness, and physical appearance. Audience members joined in for a lively conversation reinforcing how creativity can positively influence one’s mood and outlook. I was especially struck by a point made by Mr. Hartley that we must find ways to engage with communities of seniors who are often overlooked and not as vibrant as the men and women that I tend to photograph. My goal has always been to make older people as a whole more visible and valued in our society, so this topic is one that I hope to continue to address more completely in the future.

Welcome to Sue Kreitzman’s Wild and Wonderfully Colorful World(VIDEO)

As promised here is a small video tour and some photos of Sue Kreitzman’s amazing home in London. For more on Sue and her incredible art work CLICK HERE. Please excuse the quality of the video, when I am on the go, I only have my little Flip camera with me.