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Classic Couple

These two caught my eye with the simple ease of their looks, and what I really love about them is how well their style translates. Transplant them to Scotland, Poland, Arizona, or Chicago and they’d be just as convincing. When I complimented their style, they said “If you only knew how many people have stopped us and told us that over the years!”.


Advanced Style maven “Madison Beehive” told us about “Koos”, one of her favorite places to shop, so we headed over to check it out. We were lucky to meet Puck, the owner of the shop, who chatted with us for awhile about her older customers and the couture clothing they buy in her shop.

Puck, the owner of Koos, standing in front of her exclusive atelier

The boutique carries exclusive, one of a kind pieces designed by Koos van den Akker – a New York based designer known for designing Dr. Huxtable’s sweaters on the Cosby Show in the 80’s. Like the sweaters that made him famous, his couture clothing is known for its theme of bright color and pattern combinations. As Puck explained, his clothing is especially popular with older women who have had time to develop their style and look to this exclusive atelier for something special to add to their wardrobes.

For more about Koos and his design inspirations, check out, and stop by the shop at 1263 Madison Avenue in New York to see his work. Thank you, Puck, for your help, and thanks to Madison Beehive for telling us about the shop!

Koos van den Akker
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cosby1.jpg cosby2.jpg

Original Koos van den Akker Cosby sweaters
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Koos’s mother (right), an inspiration for his designs
[photo from “Koos: Couture Collage” by Linda Chang Teufel]

Madison Beehive

This woman’s striking hair immediately caught my eye – the color and beehive updo look impeccable. Her style is simple peasant and urban chic all wrapped into one, and the straw shopping bag ties everything together. With the flowers in the background, she looks straight out of a Sunday morning European market scene; a good look.

Check out the above post for her shopping advice…