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Listen To This

I found this great video while looking around on YouTube and found some background information on a site called Time Goes By. Ronni Bennett, the site author, explains:

“A group of about 40 elders, ranging in age from 78 to 99 and calling themselves The Zimmers, have recorded The Who’s tune, My Generation, at the historic Abbey Road studio in London. The video is one of the latest hits on YouTube. Lead singer, 90-year-old Alf Caretta, told the BBC: “I can’t believe this is happening. For me to have recorded a song in the same studio as the Beatles is just so exciting. I feel like the whole experience has brought me back to life. I was stuck in a rut and now I feel alive again.”Hope you all enjoy!

Stylish Sitter

I saw this guy on my way to meet up with a friend for lunch. I am always drawn in by people’s hats and this fellow had a particularly beautiful one. If you take a look closer you can also see his heart printed suspenders. His wife asked me why I was taking his picture and I responded, ” How could I not when he looks this good.” He also told me that he has much better hats at home.Hopefully I’ll catch him again with one of his grander head adornments.
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