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What Makes You Feel Most Beautiful?

“When Ari and Antonia first approached me about doing this photoshoot I was most hesitant. I am uncomfortable bare faced. I’ve been wearing makeup for over 56 years and that look for me is my comfort zone. Growing up I never saw my mother nor my aunt nor anyone of that generation leaving the house without their foundation, powder, eyebrows, blush, lipstick, mascara…This was as much a part of their ensemble as the clothing they wore. I personally don’t see myself as a naturally attractive person and makeup has always been for me a positive enhancement. As I looked at the photos which Ari shared with me I felt that they were beautifully composed but I still felt I might have offered a much more attractive photo had I been the person I am most comfortable seeing. I never thought I would be a model. This is still a work in progress for me and perhaps the day will come when I feel comfortable leaving the house bare faced. Looking in the mirror, makeup or not, is not something I am prone to doing. I’ve never felt beautiful. Being with friends and people I love makes me feel the most beautiful. I have lived in what has been for the last 35 years thought of as a retirement community and that is wonderfully changing. Growing older may not provide me with the comfort of being seen bare faced but beauty has come to me through the myriad generations of which I am now so honored to be a part. What makes you feel most beautiful?” – Colleen Heidemann

La Lagunilla Market

I’ve been shopping at flea markets and garage sales ever since I was a little boy. My grandma and mom would take me to almost every local antique fair looking for treasures. We would always notice that the sellers at the markets were oftentimes just as interesting as the objects themselves. Every time I travel somewhere new, the first thing I look for is a local market to scout for people to photograph. On Sunday my mom and I went to La Lagunilla Market in Mexico City where we found this wonderful gentleman. I’ll be sharing behind the scenes from our trip on my Instagram HERE.