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Palm Desert

Thank you for all of your comments and support on my last post. I hope to empower people to feel good about themselves and live life to the fullest, so any feedback on my work is much appreciated. I met this beautiful woman while consignment shopping with my family in Palm Desert. She was shy about posing, but lit up the camera with her beautiful smile, as soon as she stepped into the frame.

The Glamorous Advanced Style Ladies/Women

Today I read a review of Advanced Style on the Pilgrim’s Moon blog. In her review, The blog’s author Tess Giles Marshall, disapproves of my use of the word “ladies”. A little constructive criticism never hurt anyone, so I wanted to bring the debate forward. What’s the best way to refer to the women that I feature? I try and listen to how the people I photograph refer to themselves.I was once criticized for using the term “Ari’s Girls” even though I was quoting someone that I had just photographed. I want to be respectful as possible, but can’t please everyone. Where do you “guys” stand?

Fall For Orange

I am spending this Thanksgiving cooking with a few friends in New York. I just got back from shopping at Whole Foods and was inspired by all of the Autumnal colors. Orange is everywhere from yams, to pumpkin pie, and it can be seen in some of Advanced Style’s best Fall Looks. Check out how the style experts above incorporate orange into looks appropriate for every season.

Style is an Evolution

I haven’t seen Hilda Longinotti since she turned 80 years old, and she looks as fantastic as ever.Hilda is a legend in the world of interior design, serving as the architectural and design liaison for Herman Miller.Her style is definitely influenced by her love of design, as seen in her bold, architectural accessories. Hilda offered this advice to anyone trying to discover their own personal style,”Set yourself apart from the crowd, young people need to find their zone. Style is an evolution, a process.” To learn more about Hilda Longinotti and her long design career CLICK HERE.