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DJ Mamy Rock: Ruth Flowers Rocks The Carter Burden Center for the Aging’s 31st Annual Dinner Dance and Awards Ceremony

Tonight was one of the most special nights of my life. I got to sit and eat dinner with the amazing Ruth Flowers, also know as DJ Mamy Rock. Ruth, who DJs all over the world, packed the dance floor in celebration of The Carter Burden Center For the Aging’s 31st Annual Dinner Dance and Awards Ceremony. Young and old alike partied down to DJ Mamy Rock’s awesome tunes.
The Carter Burden Center for The Aging aims to change the face of aging and support programs that foster creativity and education for seniors.When I asked Ruth about her opinion on aging she responded,”It doesn’t matter two hoots what age you are, if you are young in your mind and your spirit“. She is a great example of someone who continues to be active as she gets older and a wonderful inspiration for us all. Check out DJ Mamy Rock and some of her fans in action below!

Some older fans dancing away to DJ Mamy Rock’s tunes.

A Tail Inspired by Chanel

This woman was dressed up for Saturday Services in her black coat, plaid skirt and adorable pug pins. She told me that she had two pugs at home named Sammy and Boy Capel. Her daughter brought the dogs home and told her that they were named Rory and Sammy. She quickly interjected and announced that Rory would be renamed Boy Capel, after Coco Chanel’s lover who died in a car accident. She was in the middle of reading a Chanel biography, which inspired the naming of her adorable puppy and her classic fashion sense as well.

“Images and Insights”

I met Irene on the bus the other day. She was seated wearing all purple and looking absolutely stunning. I could tell she saw me looking at her from the corner of my eye, so I got up to talk to her. I told her that I photograph stylish older men and women and asked if I could take her photo once we got to our stop. She said she was in a hurry , but that I could take a quick photo. We talked for a moment and I could tell that she had so much to say about life and style. I gave her my card and she emailed me with a link to her wonderful website “Images and Insights“, where she shares her photographs and inspiring words. Irene told me,”I Once I wrote a bio in 6 words:” My life threads weave wondrous tapestries.” Check out her beautiful site and share your own thoughts and inspiration on The Advanced Style Forum.

Senior Blogger Spotlight: Style Crone

I had the most wonderful time meeting up with 67 year old blogger Judith Boyd of Style Crone this weekend. We walked around, went to a great show at the Museum of Art and Design and ran into some great Advanced Style Fashionistas. Judith told me that she was inspired to start her blog after reading mine for some time. She has a great sense of style and wonderful take on life. Judith shops at thrift stores and estate sales to find unique vintage pieces which she showcases on her blog.Make sure and stop by the Style Crone and remember to pass along any other fun senior style blogging sites my way, or share them on our new Advanced Style Forum .