“Images and Insights”

I met Irene on the bus the other day. She was seated wearing all purple and looking absolutely stunning. I could tell she saw me looking at her from the corner of my eye, so I got up to talk to her. I told her that I photograph stylish older men and women and asked if I could take her photo once we got to our stop. She said she was in a hurry , but that I could take a quick photo. We talked for a moment and I could tell that she had so much to say about life and style. I gave her my card and she emailed me with a link to her wonderful website “Images and Insights“, where she shares her photographs and inspiring words. Irene told me,”I Once I wrote a bio in 6 words:” My life threads weave wondrous tapestries.” Check out her beautiful site and share your own thoughts and inspiration on The Advanced Style Forum.