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Advanced Style: Best of 2010

These are some of my favorite shots from 2010.This year I have learned a lot. I have learned that you can climb three flights of stairs and still go out and sing and dance at 90 years old.  66 years old is the perfect age to rebel and dye your hair pink. Your social calendar and accessories collection increases with age. 98 year olds have more time to party than 28 year olds. I have learned that grey hair is platinum elegance and that we should dress for the theater of our lives. You can dance in your 80s, Dj at 79, and discover your creative side at 60. Canes are beautiful accessories and older ladies have more fun. Let this be the year that you follow your dreams, its never too late!

Happy New Year
Ari Seth Cohen

Senior Blogger Spotlight: Judith Boyd’s The Style Crone

Back in November I met the wonderful Judith Boyd of The Style Crone. Like many of the people I feature on Advanced Style, Judith believes that style can be healing and that dressing up can make people feel better and lift their spirit.Make sure you check out her wonderful blog where she  writes:
“Welcome to Style Crone, dedicated to the older woman, in her most creative, outrageous, authentic, powerful, adventurous, funny, and proud era.  Let’s take back the word crone, to its original meaning, signifying a woman of a “certain age’ who embodies all her life’s wisdom, knowledge, experience, and love.”

Happy Holidays

 I am in the Caribbean with my family until New Year’s Day so I won’t be able to post as much as usual. I wanted to wish everyone a  Happy Holiday and tell you that I appreciate your comments and feedback and look forward to hearing from you everyday. I have met so many inspiring people and am overjoyed by the growing appreciation for Silver Style. I hope you get to spend some quality time with some of your older relatives and have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Ari Seth Cohen