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Another Dapper Man

[Photos and text: Ari Seth Cohen]

I saw this dapper man through the window while having lunch at Spring Natural and I quickly ran outside to take a photo of him. He was visiting from Argentina and seemed flattered that I’d ask for his photo. I love how older men take pride in how they dress and pay attention to the finest details. You can look dapper while still feeling comfortable and casual. We can learn a thing or two about the art of presentation from these charming and dignified gentlemen!

All About the Buttons

[Photos and Text Ari Seth Cohen]

I ran into this lovely woman on my way uptown and I asked her if she worked in fashion because of how stylishly she was dressed. She told me she has been a seamstress her whole life and that her mother was a seamstress as well. They used to sew on buttons together, “That’s why I am looking at your buttons, so closely,” she replied. She told me that her name is Louisa with an “A” and that she has lived in New York her whole life, but that her family was from Genoa. I couldn’t quite make out how old she said she was but amazingly it is between 95 and 97. When I asked her about her lovely hat she said, ” I made it, anyone can make a hat all you have to do is roll the fabric back and add a few buttons.” What an inspiring lady!

Jack on the Ladies’ Mile

[Photos: Ari Seth Cohen, Text: Maayan Zilberman]

While taking a lunch break with my friends Ari and Debra from Advanced Style, we came upon this handsome gentleman waiting for his date in front of The Gramercy Tavern. “Just Jack”, as he’d like to be called, stood out because of his excellent posture and impeccable (and subtle) choice of fabric combinations. Jack was born in Greenwich Village, and has lived in New York City all his life. We were standing in his very favorite section of town, called “The Ladies’ Mile”, which most now know as the Flatiron District. During the “Gilded Age”, at the turn of the century, this neighborhood south of Madison Square was the most magnetic center of all America, according to Jack. His eyes lit up when we started talking about the beautiful architecture along 6th Avenue, and he told us that the neighborhood is protected, which is a big reason why all the nice restaurants are right here.

In 1892, Richard Harding Davis of the New York Sun noted that “private carriages line the curb in quadruple lines, and the pavement is impressively studded with white-breeched grooms. It was here that the most elegant ladies came to buy the finest objects sold in America. “

I asked Jack if he always dresses so nicely for a Tuesday afternoon lunch (felt like I was flirting, maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t) and he said it was actually his “Bloody Mary Afternoon”, and he wore a tie especially.

Looking Fine Rain or Shine

[Photo and Text Ari Seth Cohen]

Debra has been in California for a few weeks and we met up today and decided to dress up for the rainy weather. Who says you can’t have fun and look fantastic in the rain. The great thing about Debra is that most of her fabulous wardrobe is either “Thrifted or Gifted”. She always looks like a million bucks but has set a rule for herself not to spend over 5 dollars on any item. Once a year she may splurge on something more expensive, but she follows her rule pretty strictly. The outfit she wore for these photos was a jacket dress given to her by a friend in California and an old belt ties around her head for added dramatic effect! If you have any questions about Debra’s mantra “Frugality is Fun” or if you are looking for a great licensed Reflexologist email her at: