Date Archives June 2011

Forever Glamorous

I first met Jacquie Tajah Murdock, walking uptown looking super glamorous in a blue Chanel jacket. She was just about to turn 80 years old and looked absolutely amazing. I went to visit her yesterday, a few weeks before she turns 81 years old. She wanted to show me her new dress and catch up.My good friend Mimi Weddell always said, “You must dance your way through life.” Jacquie is a perfect example of someone who dances their way through life.She told me that she still has so much to look forward to, so much learning, travel and adventure ahead.


I met Carola at the Easter Parade in Manhattan and yesterday she invited me over to meet some of her lovely friends. We had a great time discussing age and style and I got some wonderful shots of Carol and friends in their beautiful hats. I’ll post the rest of the photos this week, but for now check out Carola’s fun Summer looks above.

Style Never Goes Out of Fashion

One reason that the Advanced Style set is so fashionable is because they have realized that style never goes out of fashion. Ladies like 87 year old Helen above, tell me that style is really about knowing what looks good on your body. When I asked Helen if she had a style philosophy she answered,” No I have a Mirror. When I look in the mirror and I like something, I say why not you only have one life to live.”

Ilona Royce Smithkin By The Sea

The weather in New York is dismal and grey, so I thought I give you another dose of Ilona’s inspiring words. Here she is on her balcony in Provincetown, Mass .