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Style is Healing:The Style Crone Shares How Dressing Up and Blogging Helped Her Heal After Her Husband’s Passing From Cancer

This past week I got together with Judith Boyd, the 69 year old blogger behind the inspiring and heartfelt Style Crone blog. I met Judith last year and was touched my her amazing story and wonderful style- I have been following her blog ever since.Judith’s husband Nelson was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2005. In July of 20120 they started a style blog as means to creative collaboration and healing. I asked The Style Crone to share a few words about how blogging and dressing up have helped her through challenging times. You can read her inspiring words below and make sure to check out her blog HERE.

“Style Crone was launched in July of 2010 in the midst of living with my husband Nelson’s rare form of cancer, which was diagnosed in 2005. Style Crone would not exist without his encouragement and support. Believing that style is healing, we began the blog together. Nelson was my photographer as I created outfits, frequently including pieces from my vintage collection and always a hat, as we faced his treatments, procedures and the progression of his disease. ‘What To Wear To Chemo’ became a regular series. Taking photos of my outfit in the exam room before the physician arrived provided distraction, a strategy to deal with anxiety and the active choice to thrive in the midst of intrusive treatments when so many things were outside of our control. ‘Bloom Where You’re Planted’ was also an ongoing feature, with a photo of The SC in a favorite hat. It had become clear that our difficult journey included new and meaningful insights along with unpredictability and the awareness that every moment was precious.
Nelson transitioned in April of last year, and I blogged throughout the experience of his death. What began as a blog about outfits, aging and caregiving became a blog about outfits and grieving. Style Crone provided a lifeline as I described my experience of loss through style, painting on the blank canvas of my life. Processing my transformation through creativity became an exercise in mindfulness. I received support from a community of bloggers and readers, and found comfort in continuing the blog that was born in collaboration with my beloved life partner of 33 years, who was no longer physically present. As I approach the anniversary of Nelson’s death and internalize his many gifts, I feel hopeful with a softening of sadness and vulnerability. I am aware that I am moving forward, knowing that the magic of our relationship will be with me always.”

Judith Boyd
The Style Crone


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Ilona Royce Smithkin’s Reaction to The Advanced Style Book

I stopped by Ilona Royce Smithkin’s apartment to show her a copy of the Advanced Style book. Check out her reaction to seeing herself in print, in the video above. The book also includes an amazing conversation between Ilona and Dita Von Teese! I’m having a great time showing all the ladies their photographs in my book and can’t wait to celebrate its release May 22.