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Jenny Goes Gray

Here is Jenny describing why she decided to let her hair go Gray and the great response that she has had. Check out some more photos of her below and more in the near future. Email your own stories of “Going Gray” to Advancedstyleinfo@gmail. I think it would be fun to share a few.
Also make sure and check the sidebar for some new details about Debra. I added an email for her where you ask ask her any questions relating to Nutrition,Style,Having Fun,Making Crafts,Enjoying Life with Enthusiasm, and Staying Young.Debra’s Advanced Style email is and she can’t wait to hear from you!

Jenny at Grand Central

I had the pleasure of reuniting with Jenny today and we had a wonderful day taking photos, listening to French accordion music, and walking around Grand Central Station. I have been watching a lot of Alfred Hitchcock films lately so Grand Central was the perfect location for a photo shoot. I shot so many pictures to share over next few weeks so look forward to some more photos of Jenny!

New Museum Gals

These two ladies popped into the New Museum the other day to see the latest show. They told me that they worked at MoMA and that they had volunteered at the opening of the New Museum. They recalled that it was an exciting day with thousands of visitors and described in detail how cold it was outside. Its always great to have a museum buddy and even better when you work together and share a passion for the arts. The ladies above reminded me of two of my other favorite museum going ladies Mary and Doris, whom I met outside the New Museum as well. They also worked together at a museum(The Whitney) and became great friends!

Advanced Style Couples

[Photos by Smilla]
[Photos by Ari Seth Cohen]

Smilla sent me some wonderful new photos of stylish couples. You can tell how comfortable each of these pairs is with one another and its fun to see how they have influenced each other’s style. I’m always a bit shy about approaching friends or groups of people for photos because I don’t want to interrupt their time together, but when I do I always seem to capture something special.

Reader Submission: Grandma JoJo

A while back Trevor sent me some great photos of his grandma Jojo and I recently asked him if he could send a few more. He responded and sent the photos above with this reply:

Thanks for the nice words. Jojo is doing “pretty well for an old lady” as she likes to say, and will be 95! in April. She is a former educator (began one of the first kindergartens in New Mexico), and has lived in Albuquerque since 1990. She has been legally blind for a number of years (hence the magnifying glass she wears around her neck). remains as active as possible, walking and visiting with friends daily. She sometimes tells me: “I wonder why the good Lord is keeping me here”, and it pleases me that there are younger people who not only appreciate the style of an older person, but also who understand what is meant when it is said that “old people are wise”. A lifetime of knowledge and experience has tremendous value. Pay attention to the old people in your life, write them letters, call them, indulge them, it’s a mutually beneficial and deeply rewarding experience. And you don’t have forever.