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Reader Submission: Luisa of Rome

Gabriela sent in this photo from Rome. She told me that she is a Fashion Communications student and that she always carries her camera around to take pictures of people. Luisa was sitting in front of a church last Sunday morning, flirting with an older fellow and looking fabulous. Gabriela explains,”she’s a good example of a woman enjoying every detail of her outfit and the way she combined the prints means that she really thought how to look for her daily routine.”

Recent Adventures In Advanced Style

Moving to New York has allowed me the great opportunity to meet and become friends with people like Debra and Doris, both of whom I met while working at at The New Museum.They have such wonderful stories to share and really make keep me inspired to be creative. When I have doubts about what I am doing and what I will do in the future they give me great advice and let me know that I AM doing something, that being creative and collaborating and sharing will lead to something.These experiences enrich my life and teach me to be patient and work hard.

Here are a few of my latest photos from my days off spent with these lovely ladies. There is too much to say and too many pictures to post so stay tuned for some more on Debra and Doris including some great videos.

Waiting For The Bus

A great way to see New York’s best dressed is to pass by the bus stops and benches Uptown . After a lovely lunch with Doris we decided to take a small walk around the Upper West Side. She gave me some history about the buildings in her neighborhood and we ran into the lovely fellow pictured above. As we passed by the local drugstore Doris waved to two women sitting by the window. She told me that she had seen one of the women for years, and that they always waved at one another and probaly had shared many similar experiences.


Last year Leif sent me some wonderful shots of his stylish Swedish grandmother Olga. I recently asked him if he had any others to share and he sent me the two photos above and one of his mother Gunilla at 89. He told me that Olga, “had an artistic talent and painted and loved to go to flea markets and create things (long long before it was fashionable),She knitted the purple outfit herself. Check below for some more photos posted last year, and some background information on this fabulous woman. I’d love to post other relatives with Advanced Style. Email your photos for consideration to

Leif described his grandma in a previous post “Glad you liked the pictures.My grandmother Olga was born 1890 in New Mexico, grew up in Florida and married my Swedish grandfather when only 18. They met in Paris where he romantically proposed on the Eiffel tower. She was most innocent and had no idea how children were conceived.She had 9 children. Her wisdom: Always be kind to other people. Never be afraid of anything. Be original.”

Great advice to live by!