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Shine On

[Photo from Style Like U]

When you are a teenager and want to rebel one of the first things you can do to express yourself is is grab a box of colored hair dye and go to town.The ladies above may be covering their silver locks, but they choose to do it in a defiant and daring way.They defy the conventional expectations that come with aging and instead of fading into the spotlight they shine on as inspiration for people of all ages to remain self expressive, take risks and embrace life.

The Art of Dressing Up

I think one of the reasons Debra and I get along so well is that we share a love for dressing up and playing with different costumes and styles. Dressing up is way to shift your attitude to transform yourself while having fun and enjoying life. You can create a magical experience by putting on a hat or a pair of earrings from a foreign destination. When I got to Debra’s house she was taking a nap after a polarity session with one of her patients. With a little bit of inspiration, make up, and fun she transformed herself in a number of minutes.

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CLICK HERE to watch Advanced Style featured on French TV.

A Love of Books

Books have always been a big part of my life. My grandmother was a librarian and absolutely loved reading, especially mystery novels. She would read one or two a week. When I was a kid she’d bring me to the library and let me explore the shelves for hours, wandering through ancient villages and magical kingdoms. My grandma went to Columbia Library School and I always wanted to visit and see where she studied. Tomorrow Doris is taking me on a tour of the campus and we are going to audit a class. I’m so excited to imagine my grandma as a young grad student walking through the Columbia campus.

Here are some shots of Doris and Jenny and their books. They are two ladies who love books just as much as my grandma Bluma.

After Einstein

[Photos by Smilla]

A few weeks back Smilla took these wonderful pictures of the charming man above. She writes:

I met this nice guy yesterday, and we immediately had such an interesting talk about Cologne and the carneval, which is one of the most important things in Cologne. He invited me for a coffee spontaneously,unfortunately I did not have time.Sometimes you meet people, and they don’t feellike strangers in a way; maybe sort of new but familiar at the same time.
His glasses are from Biedermeier, 1823,still with the original lenses! They are made out of gold, each part with an own stamp and they were made in Antwerp( he looks a bit like Albert Einstein I think…)
all the best,