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Ruth Flowers: DJ Mamy Rock

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I stumbled upon some photos of Ruth Flower a.k.a DJ Mamy Rock while on the Rock the Silver blog. Ruth, a 69 year old DJ living in England is a great example of someone who doesn’t let age restrict her from remaining vital and creative. Check out her story in her own words below!

“I have had a very lively youth, I used to go to balls all the time, I loved to dance, but then came the old age, pension, but above all boredom… I started looking for something more…
One night, my grandson, of whom I’m very close to, celebrated his birthday in a nightclub in London. And he told me that I could join them. When I arrived, the bouncers didn’t let me go inside. It is true that I didn’t really match their usual clients (laughs)… I finely managed to entered… and I was dumbfound…there was such an atmosphere!!! It was so different from the parties I used to go when I was young. There was a real osmosis between the lights and the music, it really drove me!… It made me feel so much younger! This night shattered my view of things but above all the way I saw my life…I had a lot of free time, I was on pension you know… I talked to my grandson about it, he thought I went mad. Then he introduced me to a friend of his, a young French director and producer. We got along from the very beginning and he, with the help of his team, offered to help me becoming a DJ, working on a track, building an image etc… It was really fun!! Now I think that I am ready to make everybody move their ass on the dancefloor (laughs). Indeed, I’d rather sign a contract with a record company than to sign up for the nursing home.”

William Zinsser, A 4th Generation New Yorker

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For the start of Fashion Week, I thought I would post someone who has been wearing Brooks Brothers & J Press for over 40 years.I photographed William Zinsser in a Brooks Brothers Overcoat, Brooks Brothers oxford shirt, J Press scarf ,blazer and tie. He took his glove off to shake my hand. That’s a true gentleman, it was frigid out. He asked what it was that I like about what he was wearing and I told him the classic timelessness of his look. He mentioned he has an oil painting of himself and the artist made the roll in the color very clear in the painting!Did some research: William Knowlton Zinsser (born October 7, 1922), a writer, editor, and teacher. His 18 books, which range in subject from music to baseball to American travel, include several widely read books about writing. On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction , first published in 1976, has sold almost 1.5 million copies. He began his career as a journalist for the New York Herald Tribune, where he worked as a feature writer, drama editor, film critic, and editorial writer, and has been a longtime contributor to leading magazines. Throughout the 1970s, Zinsser taught writing at Yale where he was master of Branford College. Now teaches at The New School and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Many high school teachers have incorporated Zinsser’s writing into their lesson plans. Some teachers even go as far as to tell their students to “Zinsser” their work (Zinsser used as a verb meaning to take the clutter out of their essays).
What A Guy!

Debra: Goin to the Movies

No matter what Debra does, she does it with style. Color and texture are such important parts of her life from food to fashion. I took a small video of her on the way to the movies and she wrote a little piece about how she feels about “Dressing UP”. Debra is going to start writing here once and a while beginning in the next few weeks!

“Goin’ to the Movies”

So my thoughts are…. that no matter what you are about to do (wash the dishes) or where you are going (yoga class/the gym)
“DRESS UP”! That can mean anything. But my first rule is whatever you put on (the piece of clothing, the particular color or an accessory) it MUST FEEL “RIGHT” for you. Check in with yourself and be honest…”is this what I want to feel like; is this what I want to present to the world as ME today?” If not, change, take something off, or add another layer or accessory. Don’t THINK too much. Let your eyes and your body lead you and trust it.

TAKE all BLACK clothing and put them in the rear of your closet…use BLACK as an accent. It really works as an accent, it adds depth…also WHITE adds expansion!
Most of all have fun and play.

Oh yes and when you go to the movies be sure to take with you some healthy snacks…some raw nuts and some dried fruit like dates, apricots and figs. Then there won’t be the need to buy movie treats!
Enjoy the day!
With playful affection,

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