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Elaine Stritch on Madison Ave

Last night, I was walking by The Carlyle hotel, when I spotted a poster of Elaine Stritch in the

window. I have always wanted to take her photo, but have never had the chance. I walked a few

blocks down Madison Ave and all of the sudden I saw Ms. Stritch walking towards me. I knew this was my chance to finally take her photo.I went up to her and told her that I was working on a book about style and she quickly replied with a smile, ” Oh that’s wonderful good luck.” I asked if I could take her photo, but she kindly refused. A few moments later she turned around and said, ” Okay go ahead.” I had only a few seconds to get a shot,but I will forever remember my interaction with this 86 year old legend.

Think Pink

Debra Rapoport has taught me that dressing should be fun.Every time I see her she is wearing a wonderful combination of clothes that she has either thrifted or has been gifted. At 66, she dresses for herself and doesn’t worry about what other people think.Check out her amazing accessories,mostly made from recycled materials!

Advanced Style at the IFB Conference

This summer has been super busy for Advanced Style. I have been shooting a special story for a German fashion magazine,working on my book, and planning a fashion week event with the Ace Hotel and Tavi. I was thrilled to be asked to speak on a panel at this year’s IFB Conference. If you are in New York, you should definitely check it out. More details about my panel below:

Evolution of Fashion Media

3:30-5:00 pm
Gone are the days when fashion media was all about glossy magazines and red carpet photos. As mainstream media moves online, how do blogs differentiate themselves from fashion sites? This panel–an IFB Conference first–will touch on this and more.

Moderated by: Ann Colville Somma, HolierthanNow • Panelist: Mr. Mickey, PaperMag • Mary HK Choi, MTV Style • Claire Sulmers, Fashion Bomb Daily • Ari Seth Cohen, Advanced Style • Joyce Chang, People Style Watch •  Christian Remrod,  Fashion Networks
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