Date Archives April 2009

Stay Green

I’ve taken many pictures of folks who are so loyal to their favorite colors that they dress head to toe in these special hues. This lady brightened my day when I saw her shopping in Whole Foods. She not only wears green, but apparently lives green as well, by bringing her own reusable shopping bag to the store!

Advanced Style: The Great Outdoors

I received these great outdoor shots from Kitty C. and Emlyn. These two well dressed folks prove that you can look stylish in any situation. Check out what the two photographers had to say about their photos below.

Kitty writes, “This stylish gentleman was strolling with his pal at the off-leash dog park in Steilacoom, Wa. Spring is still chilly in the NW.”

Emlyn, “saw this lady at a VERY muddy steeplechase (horse race, My Lady’s ManorSteeplechase in Baltimore, MD) this weekend, I knew she’d be the perfect submission for Advanced Style!! It was cold, rainy and unbelievably muddy and this woman bravely navigated the path to the paddock with grace and style, amidst the total chaos of cars being hauled out of the mud with tractors etc. Isn’t she wonderful? She was thrilled when I asked for her picture to submit to AS and posed away.”

Thanks for the awesome photos!