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Top Ten Advanced Style Moments of 2011

2011 has been an amazing year for Advanced Style.I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel the world photographing and sharing the inspiring stories and wisdom of stylish older women.Thank you to all who have commented on, shared, and supported my work over the last year. Happy New Year from me and all of the Advanced Style ladies! I hope you enjoy my Top Ten Moments of 2o11 below and look forward to many more in 2012.
1.Finishing The Advanced Style Book out April,17, 2012 now available for preorder on Amazon HERE

2. Debuting the Advanced Style Documentary (Trailer) Short at the A Shaded View of Fashion Film Festival in Paris

3.Attending Pilates class with my 100-year-old friend Ruth4.Shooting an Advanced Style spread for magazine

5. Randomly running into two ladies from England on a quest for Advanced Style inspiration
6.Spending more wonderful afternoons with Ilona Royce Smithkin, and learning how to make stylish accessories out of a discarded umbrella

7. The Advanced Style Fashion Week Party at The Ace Hotel
8.Hearing 20 of 99 year old Rose’s Fashion and Style Tips:
1.Find your perfect perfume, people will remember you by your scent. Rose is known for her Pauline Trigere fragrance.She tells her granddaughter “I’ll give you anything in the world, but I won’t give you my perfume.”
2.Belts and Beads. Rose believes that a belt or unique strand of beads can really make an outfit and they don’t have to cost a fortune.
3.Take care of your feet and wear good shoes, but when you are going out for a night on the town “Fashion comes before comfort” At 98, Rose goes out every single night!
4.”Walking is a must, its better than doctors or medicine”
5.No need to use expensive moisturizers, Rose swears by Oil of Olay which she has been using for decades.
6.”Inexspensive lipstick is as good as expensive, only better!” Rose has tried every brand from Chanel to Lauder and has recently been turned on to Revlon.
7.Be Unique: “If Everyone is wearing it, then its not for me”
8.”Be smart enough to know what you don’t know”
9.If you have trouble reading the dinner menu, Lorgnettes are a fashionable and elegant alternative to reading glasses.
10.”Be Happy, enjoy what you have at every moment!”
11.Stay Organized “If you take a toothpick out,or a pair of pantyhose, or a hundred dollar bill,always put it back where you found it, because if you add up the the time you spent looking for it later, that’s a waste of time.”
12.”Always tell the truth because if you don’t you’ll have to think of another lie.”
13.”Be More, appear Less.”
14.”Always take the phone off the hook when you’re in the bath.”
15.”Make friends with the maitre de'”
16.”Never loan, Never borrow.”
17.”Never keep anyone waiting. Always be 15 minutes early.”
18.”Never look back. always look forward.”19.”Don’t be afraid to tell your age, that’s silly. Be proud of your age.”
20.”Don’t frequent a restaurant where they don’t crumb the table.”

9. Traveling to Helsinki and Milan to shoot for Advanced Style

10.Meeting Iris Apfel and shooting her for Vogue Japan

Holiday Cheer

Check out Alice Carey spreading some Holiday cheer throughout the West Village, in her festive vintage Christmas pin and earrings. For an extra reminder of why you don’t always have to dress so lady-like watch the short video with Alice below:

The Healing Power of Style

This stunning lady was walking down Park Ave when I asked if I could take her photograph.She smiled and told me that a few weeks ago her picture was taken on the street, for New York Magazine. When I was finished she thanked me and told me that I had made her day, but it was she who truly made mine.

I started Advanced Style to present a fresh perspective on aging.The ladies I photograph take pride in how they look and their style is a reflection of their vitality and spirit. One of my favorite ladies, Debra Rapoport, believes in the healing power of style. Dressing up gives her joy and in turn her colorful outfits inspire creativity and merriment in others. Debra lives by the mantra, “Look Good, Feel Good. Feel Good, Look Good.” The fashion she and the other advanced style ladies display is merely a reflection of the care and thought they put into every aspect of their lives. The energy they expend towards dressing is manifested in their passion for living life to the fullest. 
The Healing power of style is a reciprocal process that can benefit each one of us. Let’s all try a little harder to dress up, feel good, and appreciate beauty in others.