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Thrifting is Fun

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks. I’m in San Diego visiting my parents, and the other day I found a beautiful St. John knit, for my mom, at a local resale store.She was so excited to get a designer piece for under $100. Debra Rapoport(above) shops almost exclusively at thrift stores. Her philosophy is to wear what’s either “Thrifted or Gifted.” Not only is it more fun to find treasures at a thrift or vintage store, but its better for the environment and easier on your pocket book. Check out some more thrfting tips from Debra below, and if you want to email her write to . (Debra made the hat above, so contact her if you are interested.)

A Lady in Vintage

Linda is always dressed to the nines in wonderful vintage clothing and accessories.She says,”Vintage is elegant and timeless, and you can have things that no one else does.” Linda has a great sense of personal style, which has only gotten better with time. She embraces the freedom that comes with age and believes,“When you are younger, you dress for other people. When you are older, you dress for yourself.”

Life and Style Tips From a 100 Year Old Lady

Yesterday’s post showed how Ruth stays so fit at 100 years old.Who better than this amazing centenarian to change our perceptions on aging and prove that we can live full lives well into our later years. Check out Ruth’s life and style tips below:

100 year old Ruth’s Life and Style Tips
1.”I never go to bed with my makeup on. that is number one.At night you must let your skin breathe.”
2.”I use a lipstick brush to paint on my lipstick–It stays on longer that way. I can also use a lipstick longer than anyone else because I can dig into it.”
3.”Every night before I got to bed I use Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour beauty cream on my lips. You must keep your lips moisturized.”
4.”When it comes to fashion you must be aware of your skin tone. You don’t wear orange lipstick with a red dress.”

5.”I make myself go out everyday, even if its only to walk around the block. The Key to staying young is to keep moving. You are never too old to exercise.”
6.”Invest in Quality pieces, they never go out of style.”
7.”Don’t look at the calendar, just keep celebrating everyday.”
8.”I dress up everyday and I don’t wear blue jeans. I dress up even to mail a letter, you never know who you will meet along the way.”
9.I have been active my whole life. An old Elizabeth Arden Ad said,”If you want to look like this when you are 40 start when you are 20.”
10.I wake up every morning and say, “This is the day the lord has made.”