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Thank You!

Lately, Advanced Style has been getting some great attention from other websites. Many new readers have found our site because of this. We’d like to say “Thanks!” and show our readers some of the articles that have been written about us…

Thanks for mentioning us, guys!

Advanced Style

Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road

I was very excited when my friend Dusty told me about an incredible short film he thought I would love called, Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road. In the short Eric Smith, a New yorker vacationing in South Beach, meets Irene Williams whose colorful handmade outfits immediately catch his eye. After approaching her and spending some time asking about her designs, they become quick friends. This friendship lasted nine years and many of their special moments, including a trip to the mall, going out to to tea and visiting Irene’s hat filled apartment are captured on film.

I was extremely impressed with Irene’s creative expression and the importance that her personal style played in her life.Look below for a clip from the movie and for more information check out the official website.

Music Lady

Oftentimes Briana and I will see someone from afar and know that we just have to go up and talk to them. A big part of what we seek to do with this site is to expose the public to some of the city’s hidden treasures. This woman is a piano teacher and she harmoniously plays different colors and patterns against each other. Her yellow headband is what really stood out to me, but once she started talking her awesome personality quickly stole the show.

Bow Ties and Buttons

You may have noticed from photos of Ari that he is a big fan of bow ties. The paisley one, above, really works for this man. The broccoli pins on his lapels also make this a very special look (on the right is a broccoli floret with a face, and on the left, his pin states “Listen to Your Mom, Eat Your Vegetables”). Add well-groomed ‘stache, ear-piercings, and hat, and you’ve got style.

Devilishly Chic

What do you call a union between a Tasmanian man and a French woman? Devilishly Chic. I was close to calling it a day as dusk fell on Union Square, when this magical couple floated by. I couldn’t resist a photo and a chat with this interesting pair.

They both taught at CUNY for many years. She, being from France, taught French culture and literature. He is originally Tasmanian and taught botany there. As a sometime freelance writer, he could relate to my love of photography and writing, and advised me on the perils of such a career. Afterwards, he referred me to his website:

Turns out, he is quite an accomplished man. Dr. Ronald Gatty, or “The Spice Man”, is the father of Fiji’s spice industry! He has a terrific personal history that you can check out on his website [click here], including his time spent exploring the south seas for medicinal plants, and that he’s the son of the first man to fly an aeroplane around the world. So cool!

Gatty invented the original Spice Girls – the young ladies who hand-pollinate vanilla bean flowers in Fiji (above)
One last observation: You know those hip headbands that have come back in style lately? Look close. I’m pretty sure she pioneered that trend.