Portraying Life at The Royal Academy of Arts

Daphne Selfe in a suit from Old Ladies Rebellion

This past weekend, I joined 83-year-old model Daphne Selfe, designer Fanny Karst, and Nigel Hartley from St. Christopher’s Hospice for a panel discussion at The Royal Academy of Arts in London. We had a very special conversation about the interplay between aging, illness, and physical appearance. Audience members joined in for a lively conversation reinforcing how creativity can positively influence one’s mood and outlook. I was especially struck by a point made by Mr. Hartley that we must find ways to engage with communities of seniors who are often overlooked and not as vibrant as the men and women that I tend to photograph. My goal has always been to make older people as a whole more visible and valued in our society, so this topic is one that I hope to continue to address more completely in the future.