So Darling With Her Red Hair and Turquoise Eye Shadow

She’s so special, she said “I’m a performer, an artist and a painter” ! She did a little dance with each one!

  • emelle

    Have been reading your blog now and am inspired by the contents….as I myself have reached past midlife…I find the style and colors inspiring for me.

    And to my wonderful surprise…I know/knew this woman…a very talented painter who had a show on SC-PBS in the 70’s or early 80’s, teaching painting techniques, very impressionistic, with her own style(not at all the charicature or painting shows on PBS nowdays)….she traveled and painted….in the south and NY and on Cape Cod. She would often spend weeks with my family, although I was in college then. I and my family have several of her paintings, including portraits and sketches of me as a much younger person (16 yo to about 35) and a lovely landscape, not two feet from my computer that she gave me as a wedding present in the early 80’s.

    As I made my own life I lost track of her via other connections I had in those days (before the internet!). How delightful to see her in full regalia! To say she danced with each statement is no surprise….She is an inspiration. Now I am off to google her name and see what I find! The web is a moarvelous thing! ML

  • ari

    thank you so much for your comment and visit! please do tell me her name as i didn’t quite get it..