Advanced Style Vintage Submission

I just received this wonderful photo from Holly at, a wondeful vintage clothing site. She writes, It’s a found photo that I got in a thrift store easily twenty years ago. I almost cried when I found it. Anyway–here’s a link to my favorite stylish and advanced lady. I have her framed in my kitchen and every time I look at her, I think, “That lady has such style!”

  • amazing. i did a shoot with my grandma also. do u want a pic?

  • i adore these glasses!

  • Hello to my new favorite blog!
    Thanks for posting my photo of this awesome lady and her dog. I had to put her on my blog a couple of weeks ago because she’s been such a big part of my life for so long. Who would ever endeavor to donate this to a thrift store?

  • jh

    please please, can u e-mail me this photo? I LOVE IT!