Reader Submission: Spring Style

Lindsay Brown sent me these wonderful photos. She writes, “She looked so great… and then she opened the umbrella.”

  • This is Prudence Emery, a film publicist who works all over the world. She has many looks but they’re all unbelievably stylish, and I’d like to add that she dyes her own hair. She’s absolutely delightful to be around. It’s so nice to see her up here! Thanks for posting her.

  • Joyous!

  • wow

  • She dressed up very stylish, i like the red umbrella.

  • There is a very thin line between looking joyous and looking over the top and for my taste, she’s too much. But that’s just a preference- I like quality and discretion. I’d keep the red hair though! ANd she looks like a wonderful person to spend time with!

  • Sod discretion; I think she looks absolutely brilliant!

  • She is a rainbow!!! she’s so lovelly