Red and Gold

This former model looks striking in her all red ensemble. Not only does she match her outfit with her shoes, but also adds a red hair bow to complete this glamorous look.

  • HeHeHe!!! Love the column of color!! She looks SO ALIVE!! This is the look I’m going for–sans cigarette/eyeglasses of course! Elegant coat too! Great look–thanks for sharing her with us!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve no particular comment about this advanced stylista; I’m wondering what became of the short-lived previous post (?). Not the first time I’ve seen posts disappear here. What gives? Do the subjects complain, or something?

    (Just tell me, if I’m being too nosey–)

  • ari

    I try and not delete posts. Sometimes some of the age ranges aren’t consistent. I try and keep the posts nicely curated in order to respect the people being photographed and have to move things around a bit as I dont always have time to go photo hunting .I appreciate your feedback.

  • i love this woman! i wanna be like her!

  • Just dreadful. The outfit wears her, and it is not a kind red. Too matchy-matchy which is the hallmark of the older woman who has not kept up.

  • Jan

    Wow! I love this outfit, minus the hair bow and shoes. The pant sit itself is awesome, as is the coat, and what lucious colors! I've just discovered your blog and so I'll probably be hitting/missing with my comments all over the place. I totally disagree with Duchesse who made the last comment (in 2009, eek!) "above" mine. This woman has her own style, she doesn't have to "keep up" with anyone. I want her figure!

  • Maybe it's a little overdone for my taste, but she wears it so well!

  • Maybe it's a little overdone for my taste, but she wears it so well!

  • The cigarette as an accessory went out in 1935.