Advanced Style Trend: Knee High Socks

[Photo by MISTER MORT]
[Photo by Karla M. Santos]

You aren’t truly advanced in style until you have worn a pair of knee high socks. I remember my grandfather had the best argyle and colorful socks.He wore his just like the fellows above.

  • Remember when men wore them with Bermuda shorts? I think these guys look as if they are the right age to have been there. Maybe they have been doing it all along!


    Accurately, they're over-the-calf stockings. Socks barely cover the ankle. Over the calf is often written as OTC.

    Out here in the hinterlands, JCPenney has a good selection.

    I've worn them for 51 years now; when I cross my legs, you see stocking, not skin & socks.

    But, to each their own!

  • doodley dudely doo! that makes my heart lift.

  • hahahahaaa!! love them!! reminds me of my grandfather!!!