Percy Lee

[Photographs by Peter Dean Rickards]

Photographer Peter Dean Rickards sent me these great photos he did for a shoot in Jamaica’s First Magazine. Percy Lee, the stylish fellow seen above, is local a celebrity in Kingston, Jamaica. He used to run a small wholesale store and is known for his awesome fashion sense.

  • Very fashionable indeed. I especially love the black suit with polka dots.

  • Nice to see the Caribbean featured here, but I just want to point out that Percy Lee isn't "half Jamaican", he's all Jamaican, because Jamaican is his nationality. Jamaicans can be white, black, Asian or, as in the case of Percy Lee, a combination of these. So Percy is half Asian and half white? Half Asian and Half black? And, for the purposes of your blog, does it really matter?

    Having said that, I love the tuxedo in the first picture, especially worn with those sunglasses. That's stylin'!

  • ari

    Good Point, made those edits. I got that information from another source. Thanks for the input!

  • All Jamaican – and all fabulous! I want some fringe on my shirt now, too.