To The Side

This wonderful lady told me that her hair style came out of convenience. She began to part her hair to side after a back injury made it difficult to style her usual do. I think it looks just grand!

  • I'm a daily lurker, so it's definitely time for me to stop by and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It just really makes my day.

  • what a well dressed granny!

  • i love her hair and that jacket is soo retro I LOVE IT.

  • barbara

    What a glamorous lady! Isn't it so much easier to dress while temperature is milde? I like all these wonderful dressed people, showing us their creative looks.
    Thank you for "shooting" them.

  • What a chic lady! Love the way her necklace matches her tote and the gold in the jacket pulls it all together. And what a sweet face!

  • Wow! I hope I still have the energy to take so much pride in my appearance in my advanced years! I really admire the people you have featured – so inspirational. Thanks, and look forward to seeing more pics.
    Cheers, Karen

  • Hi, i love your blog! its just great, I just found it, and already its my favourite blog! Its like your blogging from my heart 🙂
    Go ahead..I say it with a smile like this wonderful lady! smilla

  • hahah i guess the definition of convenience back then is diff from now. she looks awesome though.

  • wow, i'm o impressed by all the pictures on your blog. it shows that stylistic sense doesn't depends on the age

  • Anonymous

    absolutely fabulous!

  • Anonymous