Golden Girl

This stunning 82 year old woman looks modern and chic in her fun Chanel jacket and leather shorts. Her beautiful smile and wonderful style add to her youthful appearance. She told me that I made her day, but she truly made mine!

  • Anonymous

    And you made mine as well!
    Unbelievably 82 youthfull years.
    This gal is a real blast.

  • 82?! Wow!!!!

  • She's radiant, I hope I'm that youthful at 82.

  • juicygi

    there is absolutely no way this gorgeous woman is 82! a beautifully preserved 52? yes. an early-greying 42? sure. but 82? never!

    either way, she is stunning. i can only wish i looked this foxy now…

  • she is NOT 82?
    crazy…i hope i look like that when im 60..let alone 60

  • i just stumbled upon this blog while searching for articles on isis apfel.
    and now you have a fan for life!
    great concept! great photos! love love!
    adding this to my link list!

  • Yes, she is a natural beauty — and it shows at 82! She shows her easy confidence in her body language.

  • ari

    I couldn't believe she was 82 either when she told me, but she sure does look great!

  • evalyn

    Reminds me of my mother who is 86: style and sass.

  • Anonymous

    HaHaHa!! I wonder if this woman enjoys telling everyone she's 10 years OLDER than she really is. Thus everyone raves about how GREAT she looks for her age!!!

    I do this sometimes just for fun!

  • 82!!!! No Way!

    She looks wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful lady with us!

  • wow, 82—she looks great.

  • 82??! Goodness, she looks amazing for her age. I'd kill to look like that at 52, 62 or even 72.

  • Ditto & ditto!!! 82?!!1 That's astounding. She looks great for 50 let alone 82. This is someone I would love to meet.