Pensively Punk Rock

I found this woman’s style an interesting mix of modern sophistication with aesthetic elements of punk rock . Her round tortoise shell glasses paired with a simple and elegant cape creates a clean and understated visage. She appears youthful with her shaggy mo hawk and tapered jeans worn with red Dr. Martens, and still retains an overall refined and distinguished appearance. She wears the look with confidence, heightened by her pensive gaze.
  • I love every piece of this outfit!

  • What a wonderful look! I agree – its very modern, yet quite appropriate to the person!

    Great pic!

  • Jk

    yes I love it classic punk crica 2009 or 1977.

  • I have just discovered your blog and it's a wonderful discovery ! Everything is so moving, inspiring…and full of live ! What a shame my english is not good enough to tell you what I exactly feel watching your photos and reading yours texts !
    You make me feel good ! You made my day !

  • Clean uncluttered and comfortable. A win win!

  • this is terrific, she looks so self-assured.

  • Anonymous

    I love her style. I believe this woman "knows who she is," is very comfortable in her own skin, as well as interesting, and stylish. Awesome!

  • this might be my favorite post so far. i cannot say how much i love her look!
    i'd like to look this cool, youthful and chic when i'm her age.

  • barbara

    My first thought…. Ingmar Bergman.

  • the glasses ~ perfection!

    here is someone so at ease with herself…a creation of the look..

    'n am trying to imagine her voice 🙂

    love love love this blog..

  • nice get-up! looks really good.

  • Hermès meets punk. What a beautiful combination!

  • go her!1

  • LOVE this lady!

  • SO COOL.

  • its very very cool, im really her outfit, be old, but be modern

  • Wow. I love this woman's look. It is so amazing. I was just the other day lamenting getting older and not being able to do edgy things like shave my head without looking stupid. But I have been proved wrong. Her pics are going up on my wall to remind me to give anything a whirl.

  • kae

    my god, she's awesome

  • her style is so rad, and this is seriously my favorite blog. so real, so interesting and so inspiring. never stop!


  • Oh, how perfect! I've been waiting for someone like her to show up…
    Did you get her name? Does SHE have a blog? 🙂
    And where do I get those glasses? Seriously.

    And thank you, thank you for all the lovely ladies!

  • Cool and understated.