Drawing Inspiration

Here is a selection of the latest in Advanced Style eye wear with some drawings inspired by these lovely ladies.

  • wow! this is really great!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari!!

    I am a fan and I will be in NY visiting my daughter this week. We plan to go to the New Museum hopefully on Thursday morning. Perhaps you might be passing by?

    I'd love to say hello. Hope you are well. Keep up the good work! Your site is an inspiration, always.

    P.S. If you do come by, I am tall- in some self-made creation- with my art student gorgeous daughter, who has short curly auburn hair. You'll recognize us by the way we are entwined.

    Hope to see you!!!

  • ari

    I wont be in til 330. Hope to see you as well. The Museum is free after 730 on Thursdays

  • thats like dada- costume design.
    Hans Arp´s daughter could have made it. I like it!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari!

    Thanks for your response; free is always good. We are planning to come by after 7:30. Do you work there?

    Looking forward to it.

  • Love the leather jacket look.

  • ah! Just found your blog today! IN LOVE! :[)

  • Love the last one…the leather jacket is fab!

    I adore this blog. Its so unique!


  • barbara

    Very charming, your drawings!
    Would like to see more of your talent.

  • the second woman has AWESOME hair