Vintage Gucci Coat

This dapper fellow looks dashing in his vintage Gucci coat and tinted glasses. When I asked about his leather trench, he replied, ” This is a great coat,it must be older than you are.”

  • Anonymous

    Your blog is so inspirational. I'm not of the "wizened set" yet but I love how you elevate our elders out of the silly, invisible or useless category that our society so often places them in and show them as unique, sexy, dapper people that they are.

  • he does look very dashing in that beautiful leather trench.

  • This is proof that if you buy classic well-made clothes you will wear them forever!

  • Like the different tones of saffron and orange – very autumnal!

  • what an awesome coat


  • Smart man to have purchased the coat so many years ago. xxoo Patty

  • Your blog is an inspiration to me.

  • Anonymous

    he made me smile 🙂

  • I may know this man. Did he speak to you in Swahili or make a dead-accurate profile of your life situation and psychological health? If so, congratulations, you have met one of the first behavioral profilers ever employed by the FBI, and he is an absolute charm to hang out with. Not to mention his excellent dress sense.

  • thank YOU- THANK you- THANK YOU! I just found your blog and I am !!!!thrilled!!! to be able to see these photos of fabulous women who prove personal style can be sexy and wonderful- at ANY age…