Colorful Inspiration In The New Museum

This woman was a joy to photograph. She was visiting The New Museum with some friends and I took my break from work to go and talk to her. Not only is her colorful mix of patterns inspiring but her wonderful attitude as well.She told me that she loves living in New York because of how culturally and ethnically diverse it is. I talk to a lot of people about their experiences in New York and one of the things that I hear most is that the city keeps people feeling alive and vibrant, that life happens on the street and that living in New York forces people to be culturally aware and active. Its a great town for young and old alike!

  • Colour explosion! I LOVE it! Great hair too!

  • i can tell she was a pleasure to photograph- she exudes vibrancy and joie de vivre.
    what she is wearing is fun, eclectic and so stylish and personal! also, i really like her hair.

  • She's gorgeous!I love all the clashing prints – and the fab shoes.

  • Your blog concept is such a clever and original idea. I love the lady shoes and leggings, I would totally wear them myself!

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  • Wow…what an eclectic mix! It goes with her vivacious smile and red hair and I imagine…her personality is over the top fun!

  • This woman is beautiful and so unique! These pictures make me smile!

    Lovely blog!

  • She's a sunshower, head to toe.

  • cat

    color & pink jeje great! xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  • great these colours (: like them!

  • barbara

    Pink and red and animal print – love this combo.
    You are really interested in the peoples personality and stories, you're not only a pic hunter.
    That , for me, makes the difference comparing to the most other fashion blogs.
    You add Lebendigkeit.

  • very acid-ish patterns….

  • I grew up in NYC and can verify that most cities in which there is a large University have the same cultural vibrancy. Only problem: no bialys. xxoo Patty

  • Trend Blog keep it up and best of luck for your future

  • Love your blog to death, Ari! Your photos make growing old seem like outrageous fun. Our little team in Vancouver is inspired by (and a little jealous of) your documentation of NYC's senior fashionistas.

  • barbara

    I am so sad, Jeanne-Claude passed away today on the age of 74.
    You posted that vibrant women in her colorful clothes on August 23th.
    Good bye, Jeanne-Claude, God bless your soul.

  • Oh my god, she is adorable! You can tell that her personality matches her clothing style–colourful, witty and unique! Usually dark red hair doesn't work well on women after a certain age, but her style and cut look great on her