Purple Lipstick

My friend Carole stopped by the New Museum in another one of her amazing hand knit cashmere sweaters. She is one of my favorite ladies to shoot in her colorful creations and 1940s make up!
  • It's not just the knit that's cool,,,,check out those gloves!!!

  • She's adorable… LOVE the hair, make up and the gloves!!!

  • barbara

    She reminds me of Klimt's painting "Adele Bloch Bauer.
    Her brown eyes work perfect with that deep purple lipstick.

  • I'm diggin that sweater! Love it!


  • Fabulous style…from the tussled hair to the scarf around her neck. Love the upturned eyes & the purple lipstick!

  • great (: this look is just lovely (:

  • Anonymous

    Not only that but the gloves are equally amazing!

  • Perfection!