Platinum Elegance part 2

Here are are some more shots of Lubi taken in sunny San Diego. I hope you get a chance to read her note in the post below!

  • big oversized, slouchy dresses…
    I would LOVE to raid her closet!!!

  • oh my…mmph her style is to die for…

  • Love. These ladies put me to shame…I must step up my game tout de suite!

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, I just found this blog, it's like The Sartorialist for mature folks, how fantastic! They ALL give me something to aspire to…especially Miss Lubi, she's awesome. I hope I can be half as stylish at her age! 🙂

  • That bag is delicious. And I'm loving the red lips! This lady is great!

  • Loving this lady's hairdo and outfit.

  • Would love to know the name of Lubi's wonderful red lipstick.

  • babe

  • Love the jumper dress!


  • Love that dog! Is it a Borzoi?

  • Anonymous

    she is absolutley gorgeous! i hope that she becomes a regular on your blogsite. i wonder how tall she is and if she would be willing to share some tidbits of information about her personal sytle and has she always been this stylish…

  • whhaa! i love the style (i am french, sory bye me english)

  • so much beautiful style.

  • I noticed that she has two of these oversized sweater dresses (a brownish one at the bottom of this blog).
    Any info. as to where the came from…who made them…vintage???

    As to being silver…my hair isn't silvering fast enough and I love every strand of it. It speaks of who I am, where I've been…the life I've led.

    Great blog !