Artist in Cologne

[Photo by Smilla]

Smilla took this wonderful photo of this charming fellow. She says of the experience, “This eloquent man is 84 years old, and used to be a musician; he played piano and organ.He told me, that besides being a musician, he became an artist in his advanced years as well. He does collages out of papers, textiles and everything that seems to be interesting to him. Everyday he works for 3 or 4 hours on them. He has some friends he visits museums with, and he told me about the debates they have about art, and the way to look at it. This wonderful man encourages to first have a direct eye to what you see before start to reflect and view it rationally. His wife was a psychoanalyst, and they had a vibrant life together, full of things and topics of common interests they share. It was really extraordinary meeting this man..

  • An extraordinary meeting with an extraordinary man. People like him inspire me.

  • I know there's always something special we can get if we look carefully.

  • I love the color of his coat and the mix of textures (it definitely makes sense that he is a collage artist, you can see it in his style!)

  • Mim

    Ari: Congratulations! What a lovely surprise to see your blog featured in the style section of today's Times along with Smilla's photos, and to be among those who discovered you before the Times did.

    Smilla's photo and mini-interview with the artist stay with me.

  • Green and pink…fabulous! I'd love to meet and chat with him one day…

  • Hi Ari,
    Enjoyed your feature in the New York Times. Nice that women of all ages are celebrated.
    I make one-of-a-kind art pieces in Vermont. My clients are mainly women over 50. My web site is for my wearable art.
    Thanks, Roselle