This Charming Man

This gentleman always looks absolutely charming and put together. I have run into him a few times and enjoy his mix of classic elegance paired with casual jeans and boots. Check out a photo of this dashing fellow taken last year below.

  • he does look charming. and what a smile! such a youthful flair to the way he's dressed.

  • beautiful blog!

  • sandra

    he has great style!

  • Love your blog, great pictures and these people has a great style.

  • barbara

    Man got all that jazz.

  • Zee

    I love his style! Casual sophisticated fashion.

  • Lyz

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  • This is my style: comfort and glee! xxoo

  • He looks just like my old dance teacher, Jo Jo Smith. Maybe he is!

  • OK now this man is utterly gorgeous. I LOVE the way he dresses…so chic and stylish yet unassuming. Wonderful smile and I'm guessing a super attitude to go with it. I want to share a glass of red with him…

  • Anonymous

    A very fresh and modern look I think

  • Gorgeous. Stylish and a lovely smile…