A Lady In Vintage

[Text and Photographs Ari Seth Cohen]
I saw this delightful lady walking down the Bowery in her vintage dress. She looks like she is straight out of the 1950’s in her vintage floral dress!
  • I just came to say that I absolutely love your blog! I have started to see the elderly in a totally new light, even though I have been a reader only for a couple of weeks now. 🙂

  • Love the dress, but even more the bag.
    And I adore you Maayan Zilberman for having visited my humble blog. I have chosen two looks.
    I would have never thought in a million years about my husband shirt,. I did feel very sexy.
    Thank you very much.
    In your honor I will write bits in English…
    Un beso grande.

  • Pretty in Pink!

  • So Sweet and Refreshing,,,great summer look!

  • Her hat is delightful!

  • she has probably owned it since before it was vintage!


  • Anonymous

    Great outfit, and she wears it so well! Plus, she is pretty trim too!

  • This blog is such a treat, I'm totally addicted! Thanks for sharing–love her pastel pattern!



  • Gorgeous!

  • sandra

    looking goood…the style is you all the way…luv it.

  • Very cute!