Dressed Up at Spitalfields Market

[Photos and Text Ari Seth Cohen]
My mom and I met this extraordinary 96 year old gentleman while shopping at Spitalfields flea market. He told us that he dresses up everyday and that many people take his photo. He thanked us and went on his way. He is the best dressed fellow I have seen in London so far!
  • Hear, hear…You might find smarter men than women in London. And then again, one never knows…

  • He is indeed beautiful. Xxxx

  • Absolute perfection, right down to his shoes!

    May I ask about the crest on his jacket? Did you chance to see it in detail? I'm wondering what it was precisely…

  • This guy's got style. That's what classic is all about

  • Ari, it's no surprise this lovely gentleman would cross paths with you and your mother. You always attract & recognize the extraordinarily beautiful.


  • Getting "dressed up" I feel is something so lost on the younger generations. What a guy! 96 years young!

  • looks pretty snappy for sure! very elegant….

  • Anonymous

    My late father, who would be 98, dressed exactly this way – the hat and the tie could have been favorites of his. I don't know about the crest on the jacket, though, unless it was from a school or club. Any you know only navy blazers should be double breasted.
    Great shot, brought back memories of my sharp dressed Daddy.