Our Better Half’s in Londontown

As many of you know, our photographer Ari Seth Cohen is currently in London doing some scouting for the Advanced Style project with Selfridges. If we’re lucky he’ll get some pics of the ladies and gents on the “To-Do List” I gave him… Who doesn’t want some style tips from the Queen!?

While Ari’s away I’ll be holding down the fort and posting tips from our favorite Advanced Style characters. Each Monday we’ll take on a new topic and you’ll get to hear what Debra, Jenny, MaryAnn, Ilona (and more!) have to say about dressing up while on the road, what bag to carry, skincare, etc…

In the mean time, we’d love to hear more about our readers.
It will help us shape what sort of posts we do during our collective summer vacation…

What’s your age?
Male or female?
Where do you spend most of your time?
What are your hobbies?
What sort of work do you do?
What is your favorite era of style?

Send your submissions (and feel free to send pictures!) to:

I’ll be here at my computer, in a one-piece and a headscarf…

  • Hi Maayan, how lovely to know that I´ll be talking to you. Your advide on the oversize shirt the best everrrr.
    Any way things you want to know:
    I am a female- 50-Used to be a teacher, but took early retirement in order to LIVE.
    I spend the year between Spain, our base camp, England and Berlin, where my eldest daughter lives.
    I am interested in most things, cooking, nutrition ( I am a Nutritionist, but never work as such). And above all fashion as a way of expresion.
    When I get dress in the mornings I try to stretch and challenge myself while I spire others who are less daring.
    Spanish people dress very well but do not break the rules.

    -What I want to know ¿do you pop in and have a look at my posts when you have the time???
    Abrazos and random kindness as needed

  • Anonymous

    I'm 38 year old female graphic designer. I make some of my own clothes (dresses and such), plus love to read, go to movies… I have son who's 18.

    I like clothes of all eras, 20's – 50's styles are lovely, but I use mostly contemporary clothing. Lots of long dresses and skirts with sandals. A lot of black linen thruout the year and more colorful flowerprints in summer.


  • Anonymous

    Well, I'm a Canadian and our country just had the pleasure of hosting THE QUEEN in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto before she left for NYC…so ready yourselves for lots of diamonds, coats buttoned up to the neck, white gloves ALWAYS, and little creamsicle-colored pumps. She's a classic! Ms. Windsor is scheduled to address the UN so I'm sure you'll be anxious to catch her style on the podium. I love your blog!

  • Helen Mirren is the most beautiful woman on this planet….she is just stunning in that photograph!

  • 56
    Boston – walking, reading, cooking, living.
    Not so much hobbies – I have habits – writing, walking, reading, cooking, living, dancing, getting together with people.
    I am a consultant using all the skills gained over these 5 decades. If it's flexible and it pays, I'll do it – writing to marketing, coaching to answering the phones.
    My favorite era would have been the 40s but I also liked the shirt-waist dresses my mother made and wore in the early 60s. She and my aunt were/are fabulous women of style (both in their 70s).
    This blog inspires me and I visit it to get replenished regularly. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I am 60,female,retired from a government job, spend most of time working out and home, interested in arts and design; I have no favorite era and that is the beginning of the problem. I read this blog in search of ideas for ecletic mixing and designs which would look good on me and not cost prohibitive.
    I also like when you show the designs and arts of your guests. I'm still waiting for the follow up for the lady who makes assemblage jewelry.
    Thanks for asking.

  • Im a 16 year old girl
    I spend my time mostly at home
    I love to paint, write (like chronicles) cook, bake, take pictures, just create things in general..
    I don't work at the moment, i study.. but i want to work! maybe on a magazine or something
    I love everything that has to do with clothes!

    thank you for a great blog! i acully photographed some old people on my old blog that you can find here wedgeheel.blogg.se