Gray Is The New Blonde

I met Lubi while working at The New Museum and have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph her, in our shared hometown of San Diego, several times now. This is the second series from our shoot in Balboa Park. Lubi’s unique sense of personal style is artful and elegant. To learn more about this wonderful woman CLICK HERE.

  • sandy

    Lubi is my style magnet. But she has this inner quality and power one needs to add the extra punch to their look and I'm not so sure I have that.

    But I feel like Lubi looks. I like the simplicity and the power. I've got to meditate on this because there is something mystical and intriguing about her look. One thing I noticed is that she works with great fabrics.

    I love the inner leotard tops: but my hot flashes won't allow it! I'm going to reallllly try and adapt this look…it's just that I'm a victim of advertising; once I get in some of these stores the whole thing falls apart. Can I get any witnesses?

  • I wish that i could be this stunning now! She's beautiful.

  • What a great headline for this story and Lubi has such a sensible attitude toward "silver" hair.

  • OMG, Lubi is fantastic, and I am so happy to have found your blog.

  • i enjoy the drama of her style. just look how she wears that white skirt!

  • I love her style so much!


  • I love that white skirt very much. Layered. Long. Awesome.

  • barbara

    One of the best styles ever.
    But, you need more than a little money in your pocket…. Sigh.

  • Lubi's stunning white-grey hair, perfect red lips and stylish clothing are so refreshing!

    We, particularly in America, have been sold that hyper-commercialization about youth so that we keep buying the hair dyes. It's reinforced that that grey hair is "old" and "aging". I don't think so at all!

    As long as a woman keeps her hair in good condition and style, takes care of her skin and wears good makeup that flatters her coloring, it's chic and elegant!

    ~ Susan

  • well said! I am letting my grays grow in (I am only 29, but I have some).

  • the poses are too incredible! Love it


  • She has great style (but of course) and fabulous, edgy hair. I also really like the way she poses – it's confident and sexy. The combination of all three is brilliant.

  • She is so beautiful! The outfit with the cropped leather jacket and white skirt is my fave 🙂
    I am orginally from San Diego too 😀
    loving your blog!