A Little More Of Lynn Dell

[Photos and Text: Ari Seth Cohen]

Here are a few more shots of Lynn Dell, owner of the Off Broadway Boutique. She is one of the kindest and most glamorous ladies I know. Check Out her photo on Vogue Italia’s website where I was featured as the blogger of the week!

  • I love the chic monochrome outfit. And the hat – not enough people wear hats I think.

  • I am in love with her hat!

  • what an exquisite looking woman! she's divine in blue, but the black/white outfit amazes me. just, wow!

  • I love the oversized black and white jewellery she's wearing in the first two photos–that necklace/collar is a major statement, and she carries it off with elegance and confidence!

  • Wonderful!!!

  • Her black and white is KILLER.

  • Yep totally fabulous! 🙂

  • She is fabulous… especially in the black and white outfit. She pulls its extravagance off like… like Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle!

  • Beautiful hat and outfit! Spectacular!

  • omg! they are so awesome!


  • Suella

    Extremely smart in black and white. Alas,I don't know where I'd wear something like this. My life doesn't have such elegant opportunities at present.

    The great blue outfit is more me. Nice that you included them both.

    And congratulations on being blogger of the week. You are certainly an unusual one, and our output is most appreciated.

    Will you be returning to the New Museum after your European Grand Tour?

  • FABULOUS as always, Ari
    Congrats on the ITALIAN VOGUE.
    The text is WONDERFUL
    You say it all.

  • I adore the black and white look! So optical and the necklace and bangles are to DIE for!

  • The women you feature continue to inspire me. They remind me that aging can add to our beauty, verve, creativity, exuberance, resillance, vitality and expansion into a fuller life. Thank you! Anita @ embracingfrivoloty.blogspot.com